Egyszer Volt, Hol Nem Volt – Once Upon a Time

Hello Lovelies,

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve found a lot of things I had completely forgotten I even had whilst unpacking. Some of the things hold many fond memories, others are useful and some other things evoked the response, “Why the heck did I keep that for?!” Seriously, why on earth did I have around twenty copies of of wedding mass booklet? Yes, for the memories and sentimental value, but surely one is enough, right?

Anyway, moving on. Another awesome thing I found in the midst of unpacking and sorting through things was a story I wrote in Year 6, at around the age of ten or eleven. I remember the writing task clearly, of aim was to take a well-known fairly tale and reverse it, so the good guys were the bad guys in the story and vice versa.

With this in mind, my primary school self wrote “The Three Bad Pigs vs. the Small Kind Wolf” and I’d like to share it with you now in all of it’s bad punctuation, spelling and grammar glory.

It’s not a story without an awesome title page, stenciled lettering and everything! Image copyright Katherine A. Kovács
The story in all of its messy writing, spelling errors, grammatically incorrect glory! Image copyright Katherine A. Kovács.

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Here’s the full transcript, in case it’s too hard to read in the above image.

Once upon a time there lived a very small wolf. When he was 19 he moved out of home. The wolves mother warned him, “Beware of the 3 bad pigs.” Then the wolf went off to build his house. While he was walking along he came by some straw, he said, “I shall build my house of straw.” The straw house was finished by sundown and the wolf went to bed. During the night guess what happened…. The 3 bad pigs came into the wolves house and put tacks all over the floor and when he woke up he stood on the tacks and yelled his head off. Then the wolf decided to make a stronger house made of sticks, so he did. When the wolf was finished he had dinner and went to bed. Then when the wolf was fast asleep dreaming about his girlfriend, the 3 bad pigs crept into his new stick house and this time they put mouse traps all over the floor and they left. Later during the night the wolf was still dreaming about his girlfriend and he fell out of bed and landed on the mouse traps he screamed and yelled his head off. Then the 3 bad pigs opened the door and said, “Ha Ha.” Then one poked his tongue out. The wolf said, “It’s those stupid pigs.” Then he yelled out, “keep out you stupid pigs.” The next morning after breakfast the wolf made a house of bricks and he phoned the locksmith to keep the pigs out. Then that night the pigs tried to get into the wolves house but couldn’t. Then they saw the chimney and decided to climb down it. One of the pigs said, “Wow I feel like Santa Ho, Ho merry Christmas.” The smart wolf put a pot of water over the fire to boil. Then the pigs fell K, SPLASH! into the pot. Then the wolf sang, “Whose afraid of the 3 bad pigs, the 3 bad pigs, the 3 bad pigs. Whose afraid of the 3 bad pigs tra la la la la la.” Then the cops came and took the pigs away.


I think it was a pretty good effort for a kid still in primary school, illustrations and everything! Although can some please teach primary school me a little more about apostrophes of possession and contractions? Also, who needs paragraphs, am I right?!

Even the teacher liked it I suppose, because the only constructive feedback I got, as you can see, was to improve my handwriting.

“Katherine a very funny ending to the 3 pigs. Neater writing would have increased your marks. 7.5/10”

– The Teacher

Although for a child who was ambidextrous and had low muscle tone in my hands,  I think that the fact that my writing is completely legible when being forced to write in cursive was an absolute miracle!

Now let’s talk about the title of today’s post, “Egyszer Volt, Hol Nem Volt” is the Hungarian equivalent of “Once Upon a Time”. Of course like most things though, it doesn’t directly translate as exactly that, but it’s the Hungarian equivalent of the common phrase used at the beginning of many much-loved fairy tales.

In keeping that in mind, here I have another story for you….

Once upon a time, in a land not very far away, there was a little girl who loved to tell stories. She would tell stories to her mother, she would tell them to her father, she would tell them to her baby brother. Basically she would tell her stories to anyone that would listen. Sometimes she would even write them down, so she could read them later on over and over again, because she loved to read stories as well. Perhaps even as much as she loved telling them.

Somewhere along the way though, the little girl grew up. As the world began to change around her, she began to forget how much she loved to tell stories. The little girl was now a young lady, she still enjoyed to create stories in her mind and to create worlds and music and things, but her days of storytelling seemed to get further and further away.

The young lady grew into a woman and work and everything else began to take over. She felt lost and unsettled, as though she were trapped in a strange world, her future uncertain.

For many years she tried to find her way back to her stories, reaching towards them with an outstretched hand, but they were just out of her reach. Then one day she awoke from a dream, filled to the brim with words, worlds, characters and stories just waiting to break free.

Then she tentatively reached out towards her stories again, first with just one hand and then with both hands and before they could slip away from her again, she grabbed at the words, worlds, characters and stories and grasped them close to her. Then vowed to never again live through the days without stories that she had been living those years.

She embraced the writer within.

Of course there were times in the years without stories that a glimpse of one would make its way to the surface. Where beginnings were made and worlds began to form, reminding her of her love of stories, but nothing was ever finished and the worlds and words would slip away again.

Now though, she vowed that things would be different. If she ever felt lost, unsettled and uncertain, she knew what to do to find her way again. She would reach out, always with both hands and pull the words, stories, worlds and characters close to her once more and let them show her the way.




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My Boys

Image courtesy of Flickr CC user gerry – source

Hello Lovelies,

A thousand apologies for my erratic posting schedule lately. Things have been hectic beyond words, but I am trying my darndest to get back on track and hopefully now that I have finished my library/office space I will be able to get back into it and tackle the world of writing head-on once more.

Today I have a bit of a reflective sort of post for you all. You see, last weekend was my middle boy’s 6th birthday and tomorrow will be my youngest boy’s 4th birthday and here I am sitting in front of the computer trying to figure out where on earth all the time has gone.

No matter how many years fly by, even if I wake one day to find that my babies are now grown and have babies of their own, they will forever and always be my babies. My boys will be My Boys and my girl will be My Girl (a great movie, but not what I’m talking about here). The bond between mother and child is often the strongest bond there is, but there’s something different about the bond between mother and son. We are the first woman they will ever love, the woman that they will compare all others to, I only hope that I can live up to the hype.

Even though there is two years difference between my boys, they are similar in many ways, not just in their appearance. They are each other’s best friend and one seems to be slightly lost without the other, especially now that the middle one has started kindergarten.

Yes, they are quite similar, but on the other hand they are two completely different people. My middle boy loves to solve puzzles, to figure out the answer to the problem and to analyse the situation. He can be sensitive and sweet, but only shows affection to those he is very close to. He can be confident, even in front of a crowd, but is also very stubborn. He likes when things are either right or wrong, so much so that he has the tendency to “freak-out” and be overwhelmed when required to explore his creative side in areas such as art or music.

They both look up to their big sister, often turning to her for help or advice (even if it results in misinformation) and most of the time, they enjoy simply being in each other’s company.

My youngest boy is quite a character, he is the clown of the family who has the ability to change the mood of a room from somber to hysterics in a mere moment. He can cry at the drop of a hat is things don’t go his way, but it’s all an act because as soon as it changes he stops crying just as quickly as it began. He enjoys exploring the world around him through the eyes of his alter egos Swokie and Xanagog. Don’t ask me how he came up with these two characters have been around for quite a while, with Swokie being the first to appear. Swokie is an outgoing, rough and tumble sort of character who can be quite cheeky at times and hides his sensitive side behind his rough exterior, where as Xanagog is more reserved alien sort of character (not alien as in little green man, alien more like a Star Trek of Star Wars character) who is very inquisitive. I’m been informed that I am invited to the premiere of my youngest’s first movie titled, “Swokie, the Goodest Bad Guy” so be sure to keep an eye out in the cinema for this box office hit in around twenty years or so!

Whatever the future holds for my boys, I just want them to be happy, to know that they are loved unconditionally and whether or not my youngest becomes the movie star he desires or my middle boy becomes the scientist or engineer I believe him destined to be, doesn’t matter. What matters is that they are happy, loved and respected, being whoever they are supposed to be, whoever they wish to be.

Be yourself and you can be whoever and whatever you want to be.

So to my boys (and my girl), know that I love you. Always, forever and unconditionally. Let your light shine and shine brightly in the world of your creation.

Embrace you.

Embrace life.

Embrace happiness.



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Reality Returns

Image courtesy of Flick CC user Jean L. Source

Hello Lovelies,

After a little over two weeks back in the Land Down Under we have very much returned to reality. The reality of school drop-off, working and everything else that comes with the day-to-day life of a family of five.

Our time in Budapest now seems like it was a lifetime ago, but it has only been a couple of weeks and the reality of being back has really started to set in. It’s not all bad though, I am definitely enjoying being back in our house and being able to cook in a pot large enough to prepare a proper meal for a family of five. Oh and driving my car again, let’s not forget the car! Shout out to my baby brother (who’s not really a baby but will always be my baby bro) for charging the battery and servicing the car after it sat in the garage for a year!

The task now that we have now returned to the real-world, is returning to some sense of normalcy. Lately things have been so hectic and we still have so much unpacking to do, that some days I’m not sure whether I am coming or going! This has caused not only a whirlwind of craziness for the entire family, but also has wreaked havoc on my writing schedule. I failed to even get anywhere near last month’s goal of 8,000 words and I doubt I will get much done this month as well, especially when considering that we are already over halfway through October. I will definitely have a lot of catching up to do when things settle down a little, but I have so many plans and ideas.

The good thing about moving back into the same house is that you have the opportunity to change things up a bit. This time around, I’m devoting one of the bedrooms as a library/writing room, with three large bookshelves lining one wall, with plenty  just enough room for all of my books (until I buy more of course!) and also a desk to be able to actually sit and write. At the moment though, with all the unpacking, you can’t see much of the floor in that particular room but it’s definitely going to be my little sanctuary once it’s all done.

So the return of reality brings mixed emotions, I will always cherish our Budapest adventure and miss the time we spent there, but I also am appreciating being back in our home and the little things we missed while we were away. The whole working, waking up to alarms thing though can take a hike! So, if someone wants to offer me a seven-figure writing contract or something like that, feel free to contact me!

Until then, reality has definitely returned, so best to enjoy the little things!



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The Land Down Under

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry I’ve been completely MIA the last couple of weeks, but things have been absolutely hectic with packing, travelling back to the other side of the world and then unpacking and everything else. I’m back online now though and hopefully will be getting things back on track again with writing.

Our overseas adventure has well and truly come to an end and what an amazing adventure it was! Our family was able to experience life in another country, to explore, to live and enjoy all four seasons! This Australian’s favourite season was of course winter and the magical beauty of a snow-covered landscape.

I could have stayed for longer, but it was time for us to say farewell to beautiful Budapest and make the long trek back to Australia. And what a long trek it was! The children were sick on the flight between London and Dubai and I’d like to make a special mention to the Qantas crew for not even batting an eyelid as I profusely apologised for the mess my daughter made, even though I was secretly happy that I didn’t have to clean it up for once. The happiness about that didn’t last though as Sydney welcomed us back in style.Before we had even really begun to unpack the kids then were sick again with a tummy bug. Hauling in the washer and dryer from the garage in the middle of the night to wash all the spew covered items was definitely a  lot of fun as well as accidentally kneeling in your kids spew as you’re trying to clean the floor. I’ve never been more thankful to have floorboards in the house.

Not sure where this pic originated, but it’s a pretty good depiction of how I was feeling.

Then after two days everything seemed to be going back to normal, we were able to unpack a lot of our things and began to officially move ourselves back into our house, now I see how naive we were thinking it would be smooth sailing from then on. Last Monday though was just the calm before the storm, because on Tuesday it was the adults turn to be sick. You know there’s nothing like some poos and spews to kick start your weight loss, I’m being vulgar, I know, but it’s the truth.

Thankfully our sickness was relatively short-lived and we were eventually able to move all the furniture back into the house. Now though comes the task of unpacking everything else and putting in away! Now that is a task and a half, especially when we are well and truly back in the real world now with two out of three kids now at school this week and back to work for the grown-ups! (*sad face*)

Now, Land Down Under, what do you have in store for us next? Hopefully not too much of the sun burnt country stuff. I’m more of a winter girl, as you know and this year I am getting two summers, so try not to scorch me too much (I don’t like my chances though).

Over the past week or so, sometimes I wake up and wonder if it was all a dream. Did I really travel with three kids to the other side of the world and back again? Did we really spend the days exploring and reveling in the beautiful sites and rich history  and traditions of the gorgeous city that is Budapest?

Yes, we did and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I would maybe do things a little differently if we were to do it all again, but I’d definitely go on that amazing adventure and more.

Now though, it’s time to get my writing back on track. Sydney, Australia, the Land Down Under, it’s now your turn to inspire my writing as the city of Budapest did. Let me see your beauty and explore the unknown as if I were my characters, newly arrived in a country completely unlike anything they’ve known.

I’m not going to just sit around and wait for the inspiration to find me though. I’m going to chase it down and capture it. Then keep it prisoner in one of my many notebooks and force it into submission.

Q-station Manly

Susannah Place Museum

Holsworthy Barracks

I’m coming for you!

Inspire me Land Down Under!



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