The Land Down Under

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry I’ve been completely MIA the last couple of weeks, but things have been absolutely hectic with packing, travelling back to the other side of the world and then unpacking and everything else. I’m back online now though and hopefully will be getting things back on track again with writing.

Our overseas adventure has well and truly come to an end and what an amazing adventure it was! Our family was able to experience life in another country, to explore, to live and enjoy all four seasons! This Australian’s favourite season was of course winter and the magical beauty of a snow-covered landscape.

I could have stayed for longer, but it was time for us to say farewell to beautiful Budapest and make the long trek back to Australia. And what a long trek it was! The children were sick on the flight between London and Dubai and I’d like to make a special mention to the Qantas crew for not even batting an eyelid as I profusely apologised for the mess my daughter made, even though I was secretly happy that I didn’t have to clean it up for once. The happiness about that didn’t last though as Sydney welcomed us back in style.Before we had even really begun to unpack the kids then were sick again with a tummy bug. Hauling in the washer and dryer from the garage in the middle of the night to wash all the spew covered items was definitely a  lot of fun as well as accidentally kneeling in your kids spew as you’re trying to clean the floor. I’ve never been more thankful to have floorboards in the house.

Not sure where this pic originated, but it’s a pretty good depiction of how I was feeling.

Then after two days everything seemed to be going back to normal, we were able to unpack a lot of our things and began to officially move ourselves back into our house, now I see how naive we were thinking it would be smooth sailing from then on. Last Monday though was just the calm before the storm, because on Tuesday it was the adults turn to be sick. You know there’s nothing like some poos and spews to kick start your weight loss, I’m being vulgar, I know, but it’s the truth.

Thankfully our sickness was relatively short-lived and we were eventually able to move all the furniture back into the house. Now though comes the task of unpacking everything else and putting in away! Now that is a task and a half, especially when we are well and truly back in the real world now with two out of three kids now at school this week and back to work for the grown-ups! (*sad face*)

Now, Land Down Under, what do you have in store for us next? Hopefully not too much of the sun burnt country stuff. I’m more of a winter girl, as you know and this year I am getting two summers, so try not to scorch me too much (I don’t like my chances though).

Over the past week or so, sometimes I wake up and wonder if it was all a dream. Did I really travel with three kids to the other side of the world and back again? Did we really spend the days exploring and reveling in the beautiful sites and rich history  and traditions of the gorgeous city that is Budapest?

Yes, we did and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I would maybe do things a little differently if we were to do it all again, but I’d definitely go on that amazing adventure and more.

Now though, it’s time to get my writing back on track. Sydney, Australia, the Land Down Under, it’s now your turn to inspire my writing as the city of Budapest did. Let me see your beauty and explore the unknown as if I were my characters, newly arrived in a country completely unlike anything they’ve known.

I’m not going to just sit around and wait for the inspiration to find me though. I’m going to chase it down and capture it. Then keep it prisoner in one of my many notebooks and force it into submission.

Q-station Manly

Susannah Place Museum

Holsworthy Barracks

I’m coming for you!

Inspire me Land Down Under!



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