Reality Returns

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Hello Lovelies,

After a little over two weeks back in the Land Down Under we have very much returned to reality. The reality of school drop-off, working and everything else that comes with the day-to-day life of a family of five.

Our time in Budapest now seems like it was a lifetime ago, but it has only been a couple of weeks and the reality of being back has really started to set in. It’s not all bad though, I am definitely enjoying being back in our house and being able to cook in a pot large enough to prepare a proper meal for a family of five. Oh and driving my car again, let’s not forget the car! Shout out to my baby brother (who’s not really a baby but will always be my baby bro) for charging the battery and servicing the car after it sat in the garage for a year!

The task now that we have now returned to the real-world, is returning to some sense of normalcy. Lately things have been so hectic and we still have so much unpacking to do, that some days I’m not sure whether I am coming or going! This has caused not only a whirlwind of craziness for the entire family, but also has wreaked havoc on my writing schedule. I failed to even get anywhere near last month’s goal of 8,000 words and I doubt I will get much done this month as well, especially when considering that we are already over halfway through October. I will definitely have a lot of catching up to do when things settle down a little, but I have so many plans and ideas.

The good thing about moving back into the same house is that you have the opportunity to change things up a bit. This time around, I’m devoting one of the bedrooms as a library/writing room, with three large bookshelves lining one wall, with plenty  just enough room for all of my books (until I buy more of course!) and also a desk to be able to actually sit and write. At the moment though, with all the unpacking, you can’t see much of the floor in that particular room but it’s definitely going to be my little sanctuary once it’s all done.

So the return of reality brings mixed emotions, I will always cherish our Budapest adventure and miss the time we spent there, but I also am appreciating being back in our home and the little things we missed while we were away. The whole working, waking up to alarms thing though can take a hike! So, if someone wants to offer me a seven-figure writing contract or something like that, feel free to contact me!

Until then, reality has definitely returned, so best to enjoy the little things!



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The Land Down Under

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry I’ve been completely MIA the last couple of weeks, but things have been absolutely hectic with packing, travelling back to the other side of the world and then unpacking and everything else. I’m back online now though and hopefully will be getting things back on track again with writing.

Our overseas adventure has well and truly come to an end and what an amazing adventure it was! Our family was able to experience life in another country, to explore, to live and enjoy all four seasons! This Australian’s favourite season was of course winter and the magical beauty of a snow-covered landscape.

I could have stayed for longer, but it was time for us to say farewell to beautiful Budapest and make the long trek back to Australia. And what a long trek it was! The children were sick on the flight between London and Dubai and I’d like to make a special mention to the Qantas crew for not even batting an eyelid as I profusely apologised for the mess my daughter made, even though I was secretly happy that I didn’t have to clean it up for once. The happiness about that didn’t last though as Sydney welcomed us back in style.Before we had even really begun to unpack the kids then were sick again with a tummy bug. Hauling in the washer and dryer from the garage in the middle of the night to wash all the spew covered items was definitely a  lot of fun as well as accidentally kneeling in your kids spew as you’re trying to clean the floor. I’ve never been more thankful to have floorboards in the house.

Not sure where this pic originated, but it’s a pretty good depiction of how I was feeling.

Then after two days everything seemed to be going back to normal, we were able to unpack a lot of our things and began to officially move ourselves back into our house, now I see how naive we were thinking it would be smooth sailing from then on. Last Monday though was just the calm before the storm, because on Tuesday it was the adults turn to be sick. You know there’s nothing like some poos and spews to kick start your weight loss, I’m being vulgar, I know, but it’s the truth.

Thankfully our sickness was relatively short-lived and we were eventually able to move all the furniture back into the house. Now though comes the task of unpacking everything else and putting in away! Now that is a task and a half, especially when we are well and truly back in the real world now with two out of three kids now at school this week and back to work for the grown-ups! (*sad face*)

Now, Land Down Under, what do you have in store for us next? Hopefully not too much of the sun burnt country stuff. I’m more of a winter girl, as you know and this year I am getting two summers, so try not to scorch me too much (I don’t like my chances though).

Over the past week or so, sometimes I wake up and wonder if it was all a dream. Did I really travel with three kids to the other side of the world and back again? Did we really spend the days exploring and reveling in the beautiful sites and rich history  and traditions of the gorgeous city that is Budapest?

Yes, we did and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I would maybe do things a little differently if we were to do it all again, but I’d definitely go on that amazing adventure and more.

Now though, it’s time to get my writing back on track. Sydney, Australia, the Land Down Under, it’s now your turn to inspire my writing as the city of Budapest did. Let me see your beauty and explore the unknown as if I were my characters, newly arrived in a country completely unlike anything they’ve known.

I’m not going to just sit around and wait for the inspiration to find me though. I’m going to chase it down and capture it. Then keep it prisoner in one of my many notebooks and force it into submission.

Q-station Manly

Susannah Place Museum

Holsworthy Barracks

I’m coming for you!

Inspire me Land Down Under!



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So Long, Farewell

Hello Lovelies,

Sadly the time to say goodbye to the beautiful city of Budapest is drawing near. After almost twelve months, the time has come for us to pack our suitcases and complete the long haul journey back to Sydney.

It seems like only yesterday that my husband and I were packing up our house and travelling with our three young children to the other side of the world. It was a rather daunting and somewhat scary thing to do, but it was something we needed to do.

There are many things I am going to miss in and about this city, but there are many things I definitely won’t miss, like living in a 2 bedroom apartment with a family of five and constantly telling the kids not to run or stomp for fear of pi$$ing off the neighbours below us.

I also will not miss having to travel on public transport with three children. Despite the fact that the public transport in the city is very reliable and reasonably priced and the fact that there is no way I would ever want to drive in the city of Budapest, I do miss being able to jump in my car and pop to the grocery store without worrying how I was going to get all of the groceries home.

I’m also not going to miss the dog sh!t. I mean it’s not like the city is covered in canine fecal matter, but you definitely have to watch out, especially when you don’t have a car and walk a lot of places. A lot of people live in apartments in the city, so of course when their dogs needs to… you know… they have to take it for a walk, but if you choose to have a dog and live in an apartment then for goodness sake, pick up your dog’s crap!

I’m not going to miss the smell that almost every city has, I’m not going to miss the loud rumbling noise of the tram going past and I’m definitely not going to miss the dirt and dust that seems to permeate absolutely everything in the old building!

Yet, there many things I am going to miss from this city like the gorgeous view of the Danube River, Parliament and the Chain Bridge I have right outside the window! I’m going to miss the amazing food (but my pants will be thankful) and I’m going to miss the history. Australia is such a young country when compared to Europe and I revel in the rich and long history of this country. Each building, each street, even the trees tell a story, a piece of history to be marveled at and admired.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m going to miss the castles, the manor houses and all the amazing architecture. I’m going to miss having front row seats for any fireworks or special events on the river Danube.

I’m going to  miss the way the lights of the Parliament shine on the feathers of the birds flying above at night, making them look magical like the glowing wings of fairies.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at home again and sleeping on a mattress that is actually on a bed instead of on the floor (I’m hoping my back will thank me for that one). I’m not looking forward to returning to the “real world” though and having to hold down a day job and do school drop-off and everything else!  I’m going to miss being able to stay up until some ridiculous hour of the morning writing, without having to worry about having to get up and work or get children ready for school the next day.

It’s time to start a new adventure, please be kind to me, world.

Budapest, you gorgeous city, I am going to miss you dearly. I will miss your beauty, your history, your inspiration.

I give thanks to the city of Budapest, for inspiring me to keep writing and to start József’s story. Being surrounding by the world of my characters has truly been an amazing experience, allowing me to immerse myself in their history and time and inspiring  my writing. My goal was to write a draft of József’s story in the form of a novel of 80,000 words. I am almost at the 80,000 word mark and their story is far from over, but I have finished the part of the story that is set in this beautiful city, now it’s time to explore the next setting of Sydney, luckily that’s where I’m heading.

And so now I say so long, farewell beautiful Budapest, I hope to experience your beauty again some day.




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True Blue Aussie Slang

aussie flag flickr CC audi-insperation
Image courtesy of Flickr CC user audi-insperation

Hello Lovelies,

This week I’d like to take the opportunity to share some of my favourite Aussie slang terms and phrases. Being born in Australia to parents who migrated as children and growing up in the suburbs of Western Sydney, Aussie slang was something that was heard and used on a daily basis.

Some of my favourite terms and phrases might not be in popular use anymore and some may not have even originated in Australian, but was adopted by us nonetheless and used for so long that I guess it just became Aussie, sort of like pavlova I suppose.

A lot of times it can be hard to understand the meaning of certain Australian slang words or phrases, as they can have more than one meaning, so you need to carefully take note of the context it is used in to understand it’s meaning. Sometimes though, no matter how hard you try, Aussie slang makes no sense whatsoever to those who are not familiar with it. I guess that’s what makes it even more fun to use, especially around non-Aussies.

Before I get started though, never in my entire life have I “throw[n] another shrimp on the barbie”. Firstly, any true blue Aussie would never “throw” we would “chuck” and it would be a prawn we would “throw on the the barbie”. Plus, the average Australian household would not be affording the throw (or chuck) countless prawns on the barbie. Prawns are reserved for special occasions like Christmas lunch, most of us just chuck a few “snags” on the barbie and make a few “sangas” with tomato sauce.

So here it is, some of my favourite Aussie slang as well as a few favourites from my followers.


  • “Built like a brick shit house” – This phrase is used to describe a person’s physique, usually that of a man. If someone appears as large, muscular and strong they would be described as being “built like a brick shit house”, as we all know that a brick shit house is much more structurally sound than any other shit house in existence. This is absolutely one of my favourite sayings and was definitely a fun one to explain to my husband when I once attempted to compliment his physique by saying he was “built like a brick shit house”.

Example of usage: -“Did you see that big bloke Dazza move that ute with his bare                                                            hands?”

-“Yeah mate it was unreal, that bloke’s built like a brick shit                                                                house!”

  • “Face like a dropped pie” – not a phrase that is used as a compliment, this phrase is used to emphasise a person’s “ugliness”.

Example of usage: – “Hey Shazza, why didn’t you let him buy you a drink?”

– “Get stuffed Kazza, next he’ll be expecting a root or somethin’                                                         and he had a face like a dropped pie!”

*In no way do I promote body shaming or bullying, I am simply including this one because…. well because it’s bloody funny

  • “Bugger” or “Buggered” – a multi-functional term which can be used as an exclamation, a expression of disappointment or to describe the state of something or someone.

Examples of usage: – “Can it be fixed?”

– “Nah mate, it’s totally buggered.”


– “I got to the bottle-o as soon as they opened, but they were                                                                already sold out of VB.”



– “Got on the cans last night, didn’t get home until this mornin’,                                                       now I’m totally buggered.”

  • “Flat out like a lizard drinking!” – This is one of the more intriguing sayings where the meaning may not initially be clear to the non-Aussie and a favourite of the late Steve Irwin, best known as the Crocodile Hunter. Basically this saying is used to describe a state of being extremely busy, a bit of the twist on the phrase “flat out”

Examples of usage: -“Hey Gazza, you been gettin’ much work lately?”

-“Mate, I been flat out like a lizard drinking!”

  • “Arvo” or “S’arvo” – This is one of the most common terms used in Aussie slang that is used by Australians from all generations and I’m sure will be used by many future generations of Australians. “Arvo” is an abbreviation of the word “afternoon” with “s’arvo” being used in place of the words “this afternoon”. Sometimes the word “arvo” is used to state the receiving of an after-school detention by high school students.

Examples of usage: -“Reckon we should pop to the pub s’arvo and have a few schooners.”

– “Bloody principal gave me an arvo for fightin’ again.”

– “Havin’ a barbie Sunday arvo is you wanna pop round.”


  • “Barbie” -This particular term is a very popular one for all Australians, but has absolutely nothing to do with the Mattel doll with the same name. “Barbie” is a favourite past-time of many Australians and many gatherings of friends and family usually include this at some point, especially in the warmer months. Of course the word “barbie” is an abbreviation for the word “barbecue” the act of cooking outdoors, often involving throwing a few “snags” on.

Example of usage: -“Come round Sunday arvo, we chucking a few snags on the barbie.”

  • “Chockers” – A term used to describe something (or someone) as full or overflowing.

Examples of usage: – “Fancy another snag sanga Bazza?”

– “Nah I’ll be right mate, I’m chockers!”

  • “Fair Dinkum” -A phrase used to express truth, sincerity, fairness or authenticity in a statement.

Example of usage: – “Was Gazza bein’ fair dinkum when he said he was cutting down on                                                the cans?”

– “I was bein’ fair dinkum when I said I’d help ya out.”


  • “Servo” – This term is also an abbreviation, if you hadn’t noticed already, Australians are very fond of abbreviating everything and anything they can in the English language. The term “servo” is used in place of “Service station” the place where fuel is purchased as well as a selection of products like that of a convenience store.

Example of usage: -“Just poppin’ to the servo to get some milk and petrol luv, be back in a                                          tick.”

  • “She’ll be right”– A phrase used to state that everything will be OK and not to be concerned.

Example of usage: – “Ya reckon we should tie the furniture onto the roof rack pf the                                                         commodore or somethin?”

– “Nah mate, she’ll be right. Just stick ya hand out the window and                                                    keep it steady while I’m drivin’.”

  • “Tell him he’s dreamin’!” -Not entirely an Aussie slang term, but actually a quote from the iconic Australian movie The Castle. This phrase has come into usage following the popularity of the film in Australia and is used in a similar fashion as “keep dreaming”. It is used as a statement of impossible achievement.

Example of usage: – “This bloke wants 200 bucks for a used barbie.”

– “200 bucks? Tell him he’s dreamin’!”

  • “Onya” – Yet another abbreviation, this one for the phrase “good on you”. This one is a congratulatory term used to tell someone “well done” or “good job” etc.

Example of usage: – “Hey mum, I got into uni!”

– “Onya darl, I’m proud of ya!”

  • “Hot as jam on a toasted jaffle!”– This one is used to describe temperature (obviously), usually in relation to the weather, which can often reach the high forties (degrees Celsius)  in an Australian summer. For those who don’t know, a jaffle is a toasted sandwich made in a sandwich press that moulds the bread into toasted triangles. The act of making a jam jaffle, causes the jam to be so hot that I reckon it could cause third degree burns.

Example of usage: – “Mate, it’s so bloody hot out there, I could really use a cold one.”

– “Yea I reckon! Hot as jam on a toasted jaffle!”

  • “Chuck a sickie” – This phrase is used to describe the action of taking sick leave, when you’re not actually sick. This is not something done all the time, most Australians are honest and hardworking, but “chucking a sickie” does happen for many different reasons.

Example of usage: – “Bloody boss won’t even give me the mornin’ off to go to my                                                            daughter’s uni graduation.”

– “Stuff that! She’s the first person in our family to get a uni degree,                                                  just chuck a sickie.”


  • “G’day” – This is probably one of best known Aussie slang terms throughout the world.  Often teamed with the word “mate” the phrase “G’day mate” was once a common greeting amongst Australians and whilst it is indeed still in use, its usage is not as common nowadays as many non-Aussies might be led to believe. The term “g’day” is of course another abbreviation, this time of the greeting “good day.”

Example of usage – “I popped in to say g’day to Shazza the other day, she’s lookin’ pretty                                            buggered lookin’ after 6 kids.”

  • “Bloody oath!” – This phrase is used to emphasise a point or to indicate agreement. Sometimes used in a similar way to “too right” or “indeed”.

Example of usage: – “Dazza did you take my last beer outta the esky?”

– “Bloody oath I did! I was bloody parched. It’s bloody hot as jam on a                                                 toasted jaffle today!”

  • “Sangas” – This one is a term used for “sandwiches”, sausage “sangas” or “snag sangas” are a popular and cost-effective way to feed a number of people at gatherings.

Example of usage: – “Don’t worry about all that catering crap, we’ll just chuck some snags                                           on the barbie and make a few sangas.”

  • “Snags” – If you haven’t already figured it out, “snags” are sausages, which are often “chucked” on the barbie as a quick and easy meal when you have over a group of people.

Example of usage: – “How about some prawns to chuck on the barbie on Sunday?”

– “You right luv? What d’ya think this is Chrissy lunch or somethin’?                                                Just get some snags, no need to do anythin’ fancy it’s only Dazza and                                            the boys comin’ round.”

  • “Chuck” – This term is used in the same way as the word “throw”. In Australia you don’t “throw” something, you “chuck” it.

Example of usage: -“Oi, Dazza, chuck me a cold one from the esky would ya?”

Of course this is no where near a complete list of Aussie slang terms and phrases, it’s just a selection of some of my favourites. As I mentioned before, much of Australian slang is  multi-functional and my description of meaning and usage might be different to your own.

I’d be interested to hear from you all, what are some of your favourite Aussie slang terms and phrases? Or even what are some of your favourite slang terms and phrases from across the globe?

Comment below or let me know on Facebook or Twitter!



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Chilly Travelling

Hello Lovelies,

I’m the kind of girl who prefers winter over summer, especially if there is snow involved! Just think about it, in winter it’s cold, this is true, but it’s nothing that a good jacket won’t fix or perhaps a jacket, jumper, two pairs of pants, beanie, gloves and scarf won’t fix. However, in Summer there are only so many clothes you can remove, before you’re arrested for indecent exposure. Especially in the Australian summers that I am used to, it wouldn’t matter if you were completely naked, you would still be sweating your arse off every time you step out of an air-conditioned building.

Most people think of the Australian summer is all beachy and beautiful, this is not the reality. Summer in Australia is usually like this: Sweat everywhere as soon as you step outside, getting third degree burns on the soles of your feet if you try to run in bare foot on concrete, trying to cool down by going for a swim only then to realise that the pool water is the same temperature as a bath after a week of 40+ degrees Celsius days. I know winter isn’t all fun in the snow, but I still prefer it over summer.

However, something needs to be said about going out-and-about with three kids in winter time, it’s not an easy feat, let me tell you that, especially when using public transport.

Some of you may know that I am the mother of three children, my daughter is 8 and my boys are aged 5 and 3. Before coming to Budapest, they had never been on public transport before, not only is public transport in Australia expensive and unreliable, unless you really have to. It is actually easier to drive and even pay for parking, especially with three kids. In Australia I drive an SUV, because we needed something large enough to fit in three children’s car seats at the time, but I live in the suburbs and am not a fan of driving in the city, only doing it when necessary. When deciding to relocate to Budapest for an extended time though, I came to accept the fact that I probably would not be driving here. Even though I love my car and the convenience of simply putting the kids in and off we go, I was totally OK with not driving in Budapest. Not only is it a capital city, but they also drive on the opposite side of the road to Australia, something that still confuses the heck out of me after being here for four months and petrol is ridiculously expensive, especially considering the average wages here. So, with public transport being so reliable and cheap (less than $50AUD for unlimited public transport within Budapest for the month), it was no competition.

The children love going on all the trams, buses, subways, trains and boats, it still excites them after four months of public transport. There is a downside to this in winter though.

It’s not that cold, really. Image Copyright Katherine A. Kovàcs.

First of all let me describe to you how it is to get three children ready to venture outside in the middle of winter. It takes us about two hours to even get out the door, by the time everyone has had breakfast, gotten dressed (in the basics to start) and brushed their teeth. Then it’s time to gauge how cold it is by looking out the window and seeing what other people are wearing or simply sticking your head out the window. This way we can decide how many pairs of pants to put on the children, which jackets to wear and if they need an extra jumper and their beanies, scarves and gloves.  Then it is time for everyone to put on their boots and to put on the children’s beanies, jackets, scarves and gloves one-by-one. I learnt the hard way to dress my youngest last, otherwise by the time we are finished, he has already taken everything off because he is hot inside. Then it’s time to head on out the door and then begins the ultimate battle of wills as we try to keep the children from stripping off because they are hot on whatever form of public transport we happen to be on. I completely understand how the children feel, sometimes the heater on the bus or tram is cranked so high, you would still be warm and toasty in a singlet and shorts, but it takes so long to get each of them dressed that taking off their beanies, scarves and things for the few moments we are on there is simply not an option, no matter how much of a cranky face my three-year-old pulls.

Another thing you don’t consider is going shopping with three children, again the heater in the shopping centres is cranked to the max and given the time it takes to shop with three children, this is the time when they are allowed to take off their “winter woolies”. However, with my husband and I included, that equates to a trolley full of jackets, scarves and the rest and we end up getting two trolleys just to do a little shopping.

So, unless it is raining or blowing gale forced winds, our chilly travels as a family of five usually consist of a minimal amount of travel combined with outdoor activities that all can enjoy with our “winter woolies” to keep us warm.

Despite the difficulties of travelling in winter with three children, I can say that if I had to choose between winter and summer, I would still choose winter every time.

On another note, we are already 7 days into this month and I have only written 1,000 words out of the 8,000 I am supposed to write by the end of the month. I’m procrastinating again, somebody please come and kick my arse and tell me to write this bloody story!





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Déjà vu – I’ve Been Here Before

Hello Lovelies,

Have any of you ever had the feeling that you have been somewhere before, but there is no way that you could have?

This is the feeling I get in our new amazing apartment we moved to on Tuesday. After a busy day packing, cleaning and moving, my husband and I sat down at the antique dining table in our new apartment, feeling thoroughly exhausted but happy and content. My husband turned to me and asked me, “I have this feeling like I have been here before, I mean, I feel like I have lived here before, but I’ve never lived in this district before.” I guess he was describing a feeling of déjà vu and what is even more strange is I was having the exact same feeling, I felt it the first time we walked through the door to view the apartment and I felt it even more sitting at the table that night.

Antique Detail. Photo copyright The Writer Within 2015.
Antique Detail. Photo copyright The Writer Within 2015.
Antique Detail. Photo copyright The Writer Within 2015.
Antique Detail. Photo copyright The Writer Within 2015.
Antique Detail. Photo copyright The Writer Within 2015.
Antique Detail. Photo copyright The Writer Within 2015.

I know it can’t possibly be true, but I feel as though I have lived in this apartment before, not now though, not even a short time ago. I feel as though I lived here, a very long time ago. The building was new then, the view still amazing.

The view by night. Photo copyright The Writer Within 2015.
The view by night, Parliament House. Photo copyright The Writer Within 2015.
The view by night. Photo copyright The Writer Within 2015.
The view by night, Széchenyi “Chain” Bridge . Photo copyright The Writer Within 2015.

I know this can’t be possible, perhaps I feel this way because this is where we are supposed to be, but perhaps there is also another reason, one that I possibly shouldn’t even consider as I was raised as Catholic (reincarnation perhaps).

I spoke last week of the way that the apartment inspired me and how I began forming József’s story without even consciously trying. (If you missed it, you can read last week’s post here.) Perhaps this apartment is more than just inspiring for my writing, perhaps there is some sort of connection.

I know the feeling of déjà vu, is not particularly uncommon and it is something that people often describe, however when two people have the same feeling, there has to be something to it right? I can’t help but believe that I have been here before or perhaps I am connected with the people who came before in some way.

Whatever the connection might be, I’m not going to question it, I’m just going to embrace it. Whatever it is, it is doing wonders for the writer within, I am thinking and imagining more clearly than I have in months. I have even began writing and researching for my latest WIP. Those of you who right, will know and appreciate the simply amazing feeling of writing again and of making progress with something you’ve had to put on hold for quite some time.

Whilst I’m not writing thousands of words each day (hopefully that will come later), I am making progress each day either researching or finding out some of the finer details about the character. It truly is a wonderful feeling to be writing again.

So now I head off to enjoy my view a little more.

Enjoy your week and write when you can.


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Back in Touch

Hello Lovelies,

Well, so much has happened this past week. I don’t really know where to begin, because not only is it a long list but I’m still in a slightly confused frame of mind with the different time zones and I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you what happened on what day anyway.

So in no particular order here is an annotated list of some of what has happened over this past week:

  • I had the pleasure (or not really) of experiencing the Hungarian health care system first hand – After trying to do everything myself the last 6 or 7 months and with all the craziness of packing and dragging ourselves halfway across the world, I got a little run down once things started to slow down. I guess everything just caught up with me at once. What started as a bit of a sore throat got even more serious quite quickly. I woke up the other morning feeling like I was being choked and my throat was so swollen I could only just swallow and also had a bit of trouble breathing. I honestly felt like something was stuck in my throat and had these horrible visions of some big blood clot or something that had taken up residence in my throat overnight. When I went to try and cough out whatever I was chocking on, it seemed to be stuck on the back of my tongue which made me choke even more and totally freak out too! After a trip to the GP clinic at the local hospital, it turns out it is *just* a throat infection. I say *just* but there’s a little more to it than that. My throat was so badly swollen that the thing I thought I was choking on was actually my uvula (you know the dangly thing at the back of your throat) that was so swollen that it was touching the back of my tongue and when I tried to cough it out it flipped forward and was lying along my tongue, choking me further until I had to forcibly (a very  painfully) swallow it back down. The good news is that I am feeling much better today (after some pretty hefty antibiotics and painkillers, these Hungarian doctors don’t mess around). The doctors at the hospital were very efficient, I only waited around ten minutes before seeing a doctor, they were also very kind and comforting as well, which I’ve found is often a rare combination. They took the time to explain and reassure me, they also spoke English to me reassuring me that everything was Okay and explain to me what had happened, even though my husband was there ready to translate if needed. Despite the delights of the Hungarian health system, it’s not something I would like to experience again, the feeling of choking on my own throat bits is not one I would like to repeat in the near future.
  • Just finished unpacking, now we’re moving again – Yes, annoying as it sounds, it will be for the best. Even though we have only been in this apartment for 2 weeks and had only recently finished unpacking, we are moving again starting from tomorrow. So when I am finished writing this blog post and also started and finished my assignment (yes, I still haven’t done that, but I think choking on your uvula is a pretty good excuse this time), I will be packing up our 65 square metre apartment and moving our family of five to an apartment that is nearly 100 square metres. There are many reasons that we are leaving this apartment and not just because it is very small for a family of five. At first we saw the apartment as retro and quaint, it was built in the sixties and very much looks like it despite the near new Ikea furniture. This retro and quaint notion grew old rather quickly. We then began to see the apartment for what it really was: a small, old apartment with outdated appliances (the gas stove nearly blew up in my face), the tiniest washing machine that has a weird smell even after cleaning it, a bath that you have to wash before each use (as the washing machine drains into the bath), that gets stifling hot even though it’s cold outside (the central heating units can’t be adjusted as the tap handle things are either missing or don’t turn), that is constantly dirty and dusty due to the dirt and dust from the elevator shaft constantly finding its way in through every crack and vent in the place (seriously, I mop, dust and clean the whole apartment and by the time I’m done it’s filthy again), this constant influx of dust and dirt has also caused allergies in myself and the kids and finally lets not forget my favourite peeve about this apartment…. the toilet has a “poop deck”. Yes, you have read correctly, the toilet has what I like to refer to as a “poop deck”.  Let me take a moment to explain this intriguing and disgusting notion a little further.  After Googling, “My toilet has a poop deck wtf” the results explained that this toilet bowl (which is not the shape of toilet bowl I am used to seeing) is in fact an “inspection shelf” toilet bowl, which allows you to… well inspect your…. well you can guess what you might be inspecting, hence the reason why I refer to it as a “poop deck”. During my Google research in an attempt to explain the aforementioned “poop deck”, I did find an interesting post from a UK uni student studying in Europe, which clearly and humourously sums of what the purpose of “inspection shelf” toilet actually is —– Inspection Shelf Toilet WTF!
  • Inspecting the new apartment – We traveled to the first district of Budapest, aptly referred to as Castle Hill, because, yup you guessed it, Buda Castle sits on top of the hill. This is very much a tourist district as it is home to not only Buda Castle but also many other tourist attraction such as the Citadel and the many vantage points up on the hills of this district provide stunning views across the Danube of the many bridges that cross the river and one of my sons favourite buildings – Parliament House. When we found the address we were meeting the real estate agent at, we were surprised to see that it is right in front of the Danube, when entering the apartment though we were even more surprised, pleasantly this time. Even though the building is old, it is not asbestos dust wielding elevator shaft old, it is much, much older than this. The building is made of stone, stone stairs, stone walls and super high ceilings, the apartment is furnished, mostly with gorgeous antique furniture and perhaps best of all, it has a full-sized bathroom and the toilet DOES NOT have a “poop deck”. Oh and one more small thing, this is the view….
    View of Parliament House. Image copyright The Writer Within 2015.
    View of Parliament House. Image copyright The Writer Within 2015.

    So, now onto the reason for the title of today’s post. A wonderful thing happened to me this past week and it wasn’t finding a bigger apartment with an amazing view, although I think that had something to do with it. The night after we found the apartment, I settled down to try and get some sleep and my mind started racing. Yet it wasn’t the kind of thoughts that have filled my mind these past few months, it wasn’t “will everything be ok?” “I have so much to do?” “How will I get everything done?” and other thoughts that are more worries and concerns than anything else. No, this night the thoughts that filled my mind were imagining the apartment we are moving to, how it would have been long ago. Perhaps the original inhabitants liked to entertain friends, perhaps not. Perhaps they were a young couple, who dreamed of having one of the bedrooms as a baby’s nursery, cooing and doting over their little one dressed in clothes from a by-gone era. Then another thought entered my mind, perhaps it was indeed a young couple, perhaps that couple was József and his wife. Perhaps the main room had a small piano in the corner that his wife liked to play. Next to the piano, perhaps there was an old but well-loved violin, something that was passed down from father to son. Perhaps József dreamed of one day passing this treasured instrument on to his own child, teaching them to love music as he did. Then it struck me, I was well and truly back in touch with The Writer Within and it happened without consciously trying to do so. That night I went to sleep happy and content, knowing that whatever worries and problems would come next, that something in my life was now right again.

And now I must leave, because despite being back in touch with The Writer Within, I still have that last pesky assignment to get out of the way.

So until next week, enjoy,


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