Home Among the Gumtrees

Hello Lovelies,

It’s been a while, I’ve been too busy enjoying the serenity of my surroundings and adjusting to a new job.

From the movie “The Castle”

My own surroundings are actually quite more serene than the Kerrigan’s at Bonnie Doon. There are no high voltage towers buzzing overhead, but “it’s the vibe of the thing…” that remains the same.

the vibe
From the movie “The Castle”

The peace and tranquillity the Kerrigan’s feel when they pack up the car and go to Bonnie Doon for the weekend, is what I enjoy each and every day of the week.

Bonnie doon
From the movie “The Castle”

Now, if you’re not from Australia and all of “The Castle” references are going completely over your head, do yourself a favour and watch the movie, it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made. If you’re an Aussie and don’t understand the above references, shame on you! How can you even call yourself an Australian?

Now, moving on.

Before I get to the reason for today’s post, I wanted to give you a little insight into why I have been MIA for quite some time.

I haven’t posted anything in quite a while, this may leave many of you thinking and believing that I am not writing anymore. I promise you that I am, it’s just a different type of writing I am doing lately.

You see, my new position actually helps to provide an outlet for my writing and creativity, it’s just not the type of writing that many would think or consider. I am writing prayers, liturgies,  helping to preparing mass and so on, for school children (as well as all the usual classroom teacher things as well!)

Some of you may think of this to be somewhat pompous, or find themselves rolling their eyes with an “Oh, she’s that religious person.” You can roll your eyes if you want, I don’t mind, I even understand it. The way I see my work though, is that if school children are at a Catholic school and attend school liturgies and mass, then it’s important to make it meaningful for them, and I feel that I am able to do this through expressing my creativity.

At the end of a day of teaching, preparing liturgies and everything else my new role requires of me, I pack my own children into the car and make the 25 minute journey home.

The town I work in is stunning, a true country town. It’s a far cry from a big city CBD buzzing with lights and people and endless activity. Yet, as you step outside this “bigger” town of the region, you are hit with the true and natural beauty that is Australia.

This is where I will make my home, my home among the gumtrees.

Give me a home among the gumtrees
With lots of plum trees
A sheep or two, a k-kangaroo
A clothesline out the back
Verandah out the front
And an old rocking chair

“Home Among the Gumtrees” Words and Music by By B. Brown/W. Johnson

I’m still waiting patiently to have my own home among the gumtrees, although I might swap the old rocking chair for a porch swing from Bunnings when I do get there. What I have found though is the area, the land that calls to me, it calls me home.

I think this is what comedy duo Wally Johnson and Bob Brown meant when they wrote the song, “Home Among the Gumtrees”. 

Gumtree CC User Johan Larsson.jpg
Image courtesy of Flickr CC user Johan Larsson

The song was originally their tongue-in-cheek, satirical answer to the Australian Government running a contest called the Australian National Anthem Quest to find a replacement national anthem to “God Save the Queen”  in the 1970s. However, the song grew in popularity and with a few small changes in lyrics and it subsequently being recorded by Australian country music star John Williamson, the song was firmly placed in Australian history and in the hearts of all Australians.

(Information summarised from Wikipedia)

I believe that the meaning behind the song and its lyrics isn’t necessarily about being surrounded by gumtrees, in the middle of the Australian bush. It’s about finding that place where you feel free, the place that you are at peace, the place that you not only call home, but that calls YOU home.

I’ve found my place, now I just need to make the home.

More to come…




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