Music for the Moment


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This week I have been researching and adding more detail to the scenes of Thomas and Rose’s first date, including the music they would listen and dance to. I wanted to consider every aspect f their evening and then decide what details needed to be included in order to set the scene for the audience.

At the end of dinner, a solo pianist begins to play a classical piece of music that Rose recognises as Liszt’s Liebesträume. The reason why Rose recognises this particular piece of music in because Liszt is one of József’s favourite composers and in case you weren’t aware Liszt was actually Hungarian. 

I get the feeling that Thomas planned for the pianist to play this particular piece for several reasons, firstly he had hoped that she would be familiar with it and secondly because the title of the piece, Liebesträume, means Love Dream or Dreams of Love and for both of them, this moment they share seems so much like a dream. Since the death of his parents, Thomas has longed and dreamed of finding someone to love and who would love him unconditionally in return and he believes that Rose might be the woman he is destined to fall in love with. As they sit enjoying the music, Thomas asks Rose to dance with him. Liebesträume is not really a piece to dance to, unless perhaps as a contemporary form of dance and Rose’s surprise and reluctance causes him to speak with the pianist, who then begins to play a piano arrangement of the song “Blue Moon” made popular the year before by MGM studios in the movie Manhattan Melodrama. 

Don’t tell my husband, but I think I am falling in love with Thomas myself! I feel the butterflies Rose does with each look, each touch, each smile. As they dance, he quietly sings the lyrics of “Blue Moon” to her and she has never felt closer to anyone before than she has in this intimate moment they share. I only hope that my writing is able to put my readers in Rose’s shoes, feeling each and every moment they share.

Here is an excerpt of that particular scene for you to enjoy remember it is a first draft and I still have a lot of work to do on it.



As we finished our final course, the sounds of classical music filled the room. I hadn’t noticed it earlier, but in the far side of the dining room, a black piano sat. As the man skilfully glided his fingers across the keys, I was drawn in by the beautiful music. I recognised the piece as Liebesträume by Liszt, as it was one of József’s favourite pieces that he listened to often.

“I love this piece, it’s József’s favourite.”

Thomas stood and reached for my hand, “Well then, Miss Greene, may I have this dance?”

I looked at him in surprise, “Dance to this?”

He cocked his head to the side, considering the question, “Hmmm, you’re right, I’m sure we can find something better to dance to.” With that he walked over to the pianist, tapped in on the shoulder and whispered something to him. The man smiled and nodded and Thomas walked back towards me with a boyish grin curving his lips, “Now, Miss Greene, may I have this dance?”

With that, the pianist began playing a modern piece that seemed very familiar but I could not place where I had heard the tune before. Accepting Thomas’ hand, we moved over to an open space that would serve as a dance floor, placing one hand in mine and the other at the small of my back, he began to lead me effortlessly around our makeshift dance floor. As the pianist moved from an long introduction to the somewhat familiar song, to the body of it, Thomas held me closer and began singing and I immediately recognised the song as “Blue Moon.” This man could sing, his voice was smooth and I got the distinct feeling he has asked the pianist to play this particular song for a reason, like the words had meaning for him. I began to wonder what his life was really like, were there people who cared for him, like József cared for me?

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The First Date

Hello Lovelies,

This week I’ve managed to get a good amount of writing done, even though I have also been busy utilising another branch of creativity for a little project for my nephew-to-be.

With yesterday being Valentines Day, I decided to spend the latter part of the evening in the world of my characters, Thomas and Rose as they experienced the nervousness, excitement and brief awkward silences of their first date. Quickly I became completely immersed into their world, experiencing every feeling, every touch, hearing every word and sound and before I knew it I had written over 2000 words and it was after midnight!

I am far from finished detailing the events of Thomas and Rose’s first date, but I was quite impressed with myself for achieving so much in just one evening. As Thomas and Rose get to know each other better over dinner, I too am getting to know the both of them a little better. In a way, I think writing a novel is a little like a first date. You feel excitement and nervousness at the same time and as the story progresses you become more acquainted with your characters, getting to know everything there is to know about them.

I honestly cannot contain my excitement as Thomas and Rose’s story is beginning to truly take shape. Even in between writing paragraphs of this post, I have managed to write out almost another 800 words!

Even though I realise that this week’s post is a little on the short side, I now leave you with an excerpt from Thomas and Rose’s date as I go to experience the rest of it!



Image courtesy of Flickr CC user Chris Seward
Image courtesy of Flickr CC user Chris Seward

 As our waiter, Samuel left, Thomas’ gaze locked with mine again, “So, where were we? Oh yes you were going to tell me about how you came to work for József.”

After coming to the conclusion that there was no real way out of the question, I decided to tell him just the key points of that story, “Well I’ve always enjoyed sewing and designing and I did well at school with numbers and things, so my mother arranged for me to work for József in exchange for room and board and I’ve worked for József ever since.”

“I see,” he nods in understanding and for a moment I think that Thomas and is going to let the subject pass, “But that’s not the whole story though is it Rose?”

“What makes you say that?” I reply, trying to hide my shock in the realisation that he really does see the real me, just as I suspected the first time we met.

“I see you Rose, I see the darkness behind those beautiful blue-green eyes, I see you hiding behind your polite smiles and pleasantries. I see the pain that dwells inside of you, the loneliness that fills your heart; it’s something I’ve come to recognise well.”

In that moment I know it’s true, he sees me, all of me, perhaps even better than I see myself. I remember the look of pain that crossed his face earlier when Mr Simpson mentioned his parents and I realise that Thomas recognises darkness, pain and loneliness because he himself has experienced such things in his own life.

“The last thing I want to do is dampen our evening, but you don’t need to be afraid and alone anymore Rose. You don’t need to hide, you can trust me. I would never hurt you.”

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The Length of the Journey

Hello Lovelies,

This week I have been busy researching a particular location that will be included at some point in all three books that will make the Hearts Series. After having such difficulty finding information on the location, I was lucky enough to find an entire non-fiction book devoted to the history of the building, which I discussed in last week’s post. Since the book arrived on Wednesday, I have been busy devouring page after page as it describes in great detail the appearance of the building, right down to the type of wood used for the door frames and the material used for the cornices! I really feel as though I didn’t actually find the book, but the book found me!

The amazing book by Carl Ruhen that is providing great insight to a building that is long-gone.

The amazing book by Carl Ruhen that is providing a great insight into the magnificent building of a by-gone era.

“The Australia had a grandeur but it did not seek to exhibit flash magnificence. It breathed exclusivity, but it was never snobbish.” – David McNicoll cited by Ruhen (1995)

The more I explore Thomas and Rose’s world, the more I am coming to grips with the great length of time this journey will take. As I have mentioned, Thomas and Rose’s story will be detailed in a series of three books, currently called the Hearts Series. Lonely Hearts, which I hope to complete the first draft of this year, details the early days of their story – the first time they met and the trials and tribulations of the early days of their relationship. I already have all three books planned out (mostly in my head) but the actual writing of the story, the dialogue and filling in the plot holes is what takes time over the next few years, I hope to have the entire series written and published as eBooks, hoping to have Lonely Hearts published in late 2016. I realise that I am in for the long haul, this journey I am on is not one that can be shortened. The journey towards publishing my first novel and the remainder of the Hearts Series, will not be without difficulty and I still have so much more to learn in order to get to the stage of publishing, but as I journey further, I am learning so much more, my confidence in building and (I hope) my writing style is improving. I was looking back over my posts and writing since I started this journey and I almost cringe at the inaccuracies and faults in my writing. I’m not going to delete them though, I will leave them there as a reminder of how far I have come on my journey to embrace the writer within, as a reminder of the progress I have made with Thomas and Rose’s story and as a record of the conscious steps I have taken towards my goal.

So, here’s to progress, first drafts, magnificent locations and The Plan.


…Thomas then climbed out of the car, walking around to meet me as Johnson opened my door. Offering his hand, I took it thankfully as I tried to climb out of the car as gracefully as possible, careful not to trip on the length of the dress or stumble sideways in my new shoes. Once I carefully balanced myself on the path, I took Thomas’ arm and looked up as The Australia Hotel, Sydney’s most luxurious and elegant hotel, stood proudly in front of me.

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Some People Just Don’t Get It

Hello Lovelies,

This week has been another amazing one! Unfortunately I’m about 1000 words shy of my word count goal for the month of January and I’m sure those who know my tendency to procrastinate will be surprised that I even got that far!  Even though I didn’t reach my word count goal for the month, I have made some great progress with Lonely Hearts during January. Last week I posted about my progress in the development of two new characters, that you can read about here if you missed it.

This week I’ve had three quite amazing things happen. Firstly, I have been having some difficulty in finding information on a particular location I wanted to use in Lonely Hearts. Unfortunately the particular building no longer exists and even though it was once a symbol of prestige, luxury and elegance in Sydney that was recognised worldwide, there is very little information available which describes its appearance. Despite this lack of available information, I was determined to use the building as a location as it was exactly the type of location I was needing for the particular scene. After searching far and wide (on the internet) I came across a non-fiction book on a library database that was completely devoted to the history of the building I was researching! Imagine my excitement that after months of searching and finding no more than a paragraph of information, to then come across a book with 136 pages completely devoted to the location! Then came a bit of a hurdle though, the library it was located in was located about an hour drive from me and was in the reference section, so I would not even be able to take it out on loan. So after copying down the publication details of the book, I actually found a copy for sale on ebay for less than what it would have cost me in fuel to drive to the library! The book should be arriving on Tuesday in the post, I cannot contain my excitement, even my husband was subjected to about 40 minutes of me excitedly telling him what I had found and precisely why it was so important that I get this book. I also get the feeling that he was actually listening while I excitedly told him how amazing it was, that after months of searching, I discovered something that I felt would help take the location in the novel off of the page and into the minds of my readers, helping them to picture the scene in exact detail.

Another amazing thing that has happened this week is the overwhelming support and amazing connections I am making through Twitter. I joined Twitter just over a week ago, after wanting to follow one of the independent authors I came across in my reading – Shelly Thacker whose work I posted about a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have been completely overwhelmed and amazed at the amount of followers I have (189 and counting!). Many of my followers are fellow writers and published authors who have even offered words of encouragement as I continue my journey to embrace the writer within and to write my first novel. Hopefully no one is out to pinch my ideas though! What I am beginning to discover is that when one enters the world of writing, they are also entering a new community. It is amazing at how quickly you begin to enter this community with the help of the internet. We really are living in a technological age, where the internet is helping us to connect with people all around the world in an instant! I’m even getting more views on this little blog of mine thanks to Twitter!

So you might be wondering how the title of this week’s post ties in with these amazing experiences I’ve had this past week. One reason it has taken me so long to embrace the writer within, is because people have never really understood my excitement when I talk about my creative pursuits. Of course my family and friends that have known about my creative streak have always supported me, but they don’t really get it. They don’t really understand the amazing feeling of creating another world, of creating characters that sometimes seem more real than the people around you or the feeling of excitement and wonder as you follow those characters on their journey and help to tell their story. My family and friends support me, encourage me and try to listen as I excitedly tell them about the amazing things that are happening, but they don’t really get it. I do not hold this against them, nor does this make me angry or upset, it’s just how it is – Some people just don’t get it, they don’t understand what it’s like to feel an inextricable pull inside of you telling you to write, to create, to explore a world of creativity, a world of literature and writing.

Long before I began this blog, I always felt the need to create, my mind was constantly exploring and creating with no one really to share it with. Even though the important people in my life have appreciated my creativity and have supported and encouraged me, they still don’t fully understand what it’s like to experience the need to create. I think this is why I feel so amazed at the support I have received through my blog, through social media and most recently through Twitter. People that I have never met, get it. They understand the need to create, they understand the inextricable pull telling you to write, create and explore and they let me know that I am not alone. There is a big difference between appreciating creativity and writing and experiencing and understanding the need to create and write. Those who enjoy devouring book after book do not necessarily understand the need and the excitement that comes from creating a world, creating characters and telling their story.

In saying that, I still very much appreciate the support from my family and friends and the support of my followers and subscribers. Without this support, I would still be daydreaming about characters and scenes, writing notes in my many notebooks without really doing anything about it. I’m finally taking myself seriously with a goal in sight, it will be a long time coming, but it’s all getting very exciting and I know I will get  there eventually.

Finally, welcome to my newest subscriber, my lovely Grandmother (who you might remember I’ve mentioned in a couple of previous posts here and here), who has successfully subscribed via email to this humble little blog of mine.

So with thanks and gratitude, I leave you with an excerpt from Lonely Hearts, again it’s just a first draft and in the words of Ernest Hemingway,

The first draft of anything is shit.

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“So, are you ready to be dazzled?” The sound of Thomas’ voice interrupted my thoughts… “Thomas, I think I’ve already been dazzled by your elaborate plans. The dress, the shoes, the jewellery, my own personal stylist for the afternoon…” I waved my hand gesturing at the excessive amount of ‘dazzle’ that he had already bestowed upon me. I always knew the evening would be more than just a lovely dinner, with Thomas simply being the man he was, but so far this evening had already gone way beyond my expectations. Even though the feeling was foreign I couldn’t help enjoying this feeling of being just a little bit spoilt, well ok… a lot spoilt. “Rosie, I hope you’re not thinking that it’s all too much, those are just things. I was the one that requested your company for the evening, I would really like for us to get to know each other a little better.” He tucked a loose strand of my honey blonde waves behind my ear as we sat facing each other in his fancy limousine. “I would like that too Thomas, I guess I’m just not used to such extravagance.” He leaned his head to the side, contemplating what I had said, “Hmmm, well I guess that may be so.” Then that lop-sided smiled curved his lips again, “I better warn you then, tonight Rosie, will be a night that will make dazzling extravagance look like brunch with great-aunt Bessie.”

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