Mother-Daughter Poetry

As a teacher, I often find it a difficult task to get my students to be enthusiastic about writing. Of course there’s always the handful of kids who jump at the chance to do a piece of writing (I was one of them), but more often than not, we need to come up with creative ways to get kids “pumped” about writing.

My daughter is one of those students, she will write when she absolutely has to and will write what is necessary and not a single word more. My daughter is more the painting, drawing, making creative-type than the writing stories creative-type.

So when I recently had to guide her through a poetry unit of work for school, I was surprised (and thoroughly pleased) when she was actually enjoying the unit and exploring a different side of her creativity.

As part of the unit we discussed the different mediums available for poets to share their work and how this has changed dramatically over the last 50 or so years. One of the mediums was blogging and naturally she asked if she would be able to share some of her poetry in such a way. She is only 8, so I don’t think she’s quite old enough to be having her own blog just yet, so I told her she can share mine.

So as a reward for her efforts, here is an entire page devoted to her work and the poems that she wrote herself with some (hopefully) helpful guidance and editing from yours truly.




My Brothers are Always Running

My brothers are always running!

They can’t sit still

I’m pretty sure they have ants in their pants

Because my brothers are always running!


They’re loud and rough

And they’re always running!

BANG! Goes their toys on the floor

When the building of blocks tumbles to the floor


They skip and leap and bounce all around

And they’re always running!

The toy cars ZOOM faster than lightning

And so do my brothers when they’re always running!


They can’t even sit and watch a movie

Because they’re always running!

I can’t watch the movie either

Because they’re always running!


My parents and I are always saying “Stop running!”

They say,”OK! Alright!”

But I don’t think they mean it

My brothers are always running!



Pink is the lollies, delicious and sweet

Pink is the icing on delicious cupcakes I like to eat

Pink is the pretty dresses a little girl wears

Pink is the pretty ribbons in her hair


Pink is the watermelon, juicy to eat

Pink is the flowers, smelling so sweet

Pink is the fluffy fairy floss, soft and light

Pink is the round balloons, so big and bright


Pink is the streamers, flapping in the sun

Pink is the Barbie, playing and having fun

Pink is the happiness I feel inside

Pink is the colour I will not hide


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