A Reason to Celebrate

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Hello Lovelies,

Just over a week ago, Hungary celebrated St Stephen’s Day, one of the biggest celebrations in Hungary. To put it into perspective, think of New Years Eve combined with Australia Day and you’re getting closer to the scale of celebration that this day is in Hungary.

St Stephen was the first king of Hungary, the man responsible for uniting the seven Magyar tribes and bringing Christianity to the newly formed Kingdom of Hungary. I’m sure it wasn’t all smooth sailing in forging a kingdom and a new religion for a previously pagan population, but still a reason to celebrate.

Something that I have discovered while living in Hungary, is that most Hungarians are enthusiastically patriotic, especially when it comes to cheering on their fellow Hungarians in sports, and they also love a good celebration, whatever the reason might be -Hungarians love a reason to celebrate.

St Stephen’s Day was celebrated with a four day festival with many concerts, plenty of street food (of course), markets, a procession of St Stephen’s Holy right hand (his mummified hand is kept in St Stephens’ Basilica) and one of the biggest fireworks shows I’ve ever seen in person.

Yes Hungarians love a reason to celebrate and celebrate they do. This has reminded me that we should always find a reason to celebrate, no matter how small that reason may be.

In my latest WIP,, my characters go through some very difficult times. This makes them aware and appreciate the better days, finding even the smallest sources of happiness as a reason to celebrate.

Now I’m not sayin that we all need to go through hell in order to appreciate the good times. Sometimes this happens and it opens our eyes, but sometimes all we need is to be reminded that life itself should be a celebration. The gift of another day, the happiness and pride that fills you when you hear your child read their younger siblings a bedtime story or even when your three children are playing together WITHOUT ARGUING!

Yes, all these things and more are a reason to celebrate. So I encourage you all to find a reason to celebrate each day. I’m not saying your celebrating should always involve alcohol, because you might regret the expense and the constant hangover, but be happy and spend time with those you love and find your reason to celebrate.



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