When Did That Happen?

Hello Lovelies,

This past couple of week’s I have been busy kicking procrastination’s arse again and also doing a little research and organisation of my scribbled notes. As part of trying to organise myself, I’ve started developing a timeline, plotting all the major events in the series I am working on, which includes my current WIP An Anguished Heart, AKA József and Anna’s story,  as well as at least three other novels in the series that tell Thomas and Rose’s story.

I seriously don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner (probably because I like to procrastinate), but now I am almost half-way through the first draft of An Anguished Heart, it is getting increasingly difficult to keep track of everything, especially when some of the major events in the series include both the first and second World Wars.

With a little shy of 40,000 words now, its’s also becoming time consuming to scroll back and check the dates of certain events and so on. This is why a timeline has become quite crucial in helping me to plan and write this series. I can’t keep going back through pages of text or multiple notebooks, looking for a date, an age and so on. So my aim is that every time I have to ask myself, “When did that happen?” instead of scrolling through pages of writing or trying to find the right notebook, I will be able to simply look at the timeline and check – hopefully.

On another not, every month when I have reached my word-count goal, I email and updated version of my WIP to my friend who is my nominated arse-kicker as proof that I met the month’s goal. I also send a copy to my parents, my father who is a self-professed ‘non-reader’, reads it each and every month and asks for more, he has even offered to help with the first round of proofreading when the time comes. My mother who does enjoy reading a book or two, (unlike her husband)  also reads the updated manuscript each month and when she messages me and tells me I made her cry and she had to put it down for a few moment to compose herself, I guess I must be doing something write. I was cry myself when I was writing the part she was emotional over, so I guess I was able to convey the emotions well enough in my writing for the reader to also experience those emotions. So, yay me!

The message from my mum about her tears brought to mind one of my favourite quotes from Robert Frost,

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.”


So overall I think I’ve had quite a successful week as a writer, deciphering the scribbles in my notebooks and making my readers cry and still beg for more.

Yes, definitely a successful week!




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