The Quest for Knowledge and Understanding

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Welcome to another post.
Last week I spoke about setting the scene and introduced you to “Heath Manor”. I was going to share with you a description of Heath Manor from the perspective of Thomas William Heath, but I haven’t done much writing in the past week so that will have to wait until later, so stay tuned.

This past week I’ve been doing some research and character development, including the creation of the Heath Family Tree!

Through my research I’ve come to realise that I do not know much about the era in which the main part of my story is set. As I have said in previous posts, the setting for my story came to me as a dream, (I know, ultimate cliché) and your subconscious is limited to your own knowledge. So I have been doing a lot of research about the 1930s and I am beginning to gain a small insight into the era.

I want to know everything that there is to know about my characters. I want to know what Thomas’ favourite music is, what his relationship with his grandmother is like and how he met Maggie. I want to know what Thomas sees when he looks at Maggie, what type of clothes Maggie wears, how she does her hair and how her style and fashion differs from her grandmother-in-law.

The questions are endless, some of the answers are locked within my mind, waiting for release, other answers require research, lots of research!

I have already begun this research, with the help of Google. I have also enlisted the help if my own grandmother, who was born in 1934, who has been going through some photos of her mother’s that I cant wait to have a look at!

I thought I might share with you a few things that I have learnt about Thomas William Heath.
• His parents migrated to Sydney, Australia with his grandmother before he was born
• He was born May 13th, 1910 (a Friday)
• His parents, William John Heath and Emily Louise Heath, died in 1918, during the Spanish influenza epidemic, leaving him in the care of his grandmother Agnes Mary Heath
• He is from an aristocratic family, even though the family is wealthy, Thomas is a grounded person, who wishes to work for a living, despite his great inheritance.
Some of the details I have of Thomas are very specific but I still have a lot of work to do, other details I have of Thomas I have purposely left out, as I don’t want to give away the whole story! Some details about Thomas are just for my eyes only. As Thomas is the narrator for the majority of the story, this is the character I need to know best, I need to completely understand this character if I am going to be convincing in my writing.

The picture on this post you may have seen on my Facebook page, it is of a woman holding a typewriter ribbon. When looking at the photo I notice the poise and posture, the way she stands with confidence and touch of elegance. Her hair is impeccably styled, adding a hint of glamour and grace. This picture intrigues me and there is much I do not know about this picture and the era it is from, something I intend to rectify.

So here’s to happy research and the quest for knowledge and understanding.

Until next week, lovely people,


Image courtesy of SMU Central University Library

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