The Next Chapter

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No doubt you’ve all heard the saying,”strike when the iron is hot”, this is true when writing as well. I’ve found out the hard way, that you need to write when the inspirations hits. After doing some planning of my current work in progress and discussing it with my inner monologue (yes, the voices in my head) I did not physically come to write anything until today and in between then and now frustration, house work, disappointment and everything else in everyday life has happened. Subsequently, when I sat down and tried to complete the first chapter telling the story of the first time Thomas met Margaret, I wasn’t feeling quite in the mood to write about love, romance and courtship. Instead I found myself doing more research, answering some of my own questions about the characters and their story and asking even more questions. After an unsuccessful attempt at completing the first chapter and a few hours of research, I decided to start working on the next chapter, some of which I will share with you today.

So this is what I’ve learnt about writing: firstly, it’s better to write when the mood strikes, when the inspiration hits. Your ideas will flow better and the writing will truly be a piece of you with meaning and emotion, not a string of sentences that simply make grammatical sense. Secondly, if it’s not working, move on to something else or the next chapter, you can always come back to it. Perhaps this second lesson applies to more than just writing.

I also have the Heath Family Tree to share with you so you can have some kind of idea where Thomas fits in with other characters you may hear about in the pieces I share.
heath family tree snapshot

Image Copyright Katherine A. Kovacs/The Writer Within

So, here is a little snippet from the next chapter. Remember the work is raw and unedited and will likely be rewritten many times before it is complete.


strathaird december 1932

Image from Australian Maritime Museum

As the SS Strathaird sailed out of Sydney and I glanced back at the newly completed harbour bridge, I knew that life would never be the same. Sydney was my home and now I was leaving my home for a world I did not know. My grandmother always longed to return to England after my parents died, but honoured my parents’ wishes and raised me in Sydney. Now with the passing of my uncle and my subsequent inheritance of his estate, it was time for my grandmother to return and for me to relocate to a country I do not know. I am not entirely sure what awaits us upon arrival, I’m sure my grandmother has some sort of plans to introduce me to society after grieving my uncles death for an acceptable period of time, but for now I am determined to enjoy the time I have with Maggie before the forced smiles and overly polite conversations begin. “What are you thinking?” Just the sound of her voice caused me to long to be alone with her, “Nothing really, I’m just thinking how different things are going to be and how wonderful you are to do this for me.” Her reassuring smile was all I needed, no matter how different life would be upon our arrival in England or how frustrating and difficult my grandmother was going to be, I knew that with Maggie by my side everything would be fine. Maggie was my anchor, the one thing that kept me grounded.

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