Dare to Dream

Hello Lovelies,

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to Disney on Ice (thanks mum) and the theme of this year’s show was “Dare to Dream”. All of those Disney princess stories got me thinking, I know in the real world we won’t always have the perfect “happily ever after” but it’s still perfectly ok to have dreams and big ones at that! The moment we stop dreaming and stop trying to pursue those dreams, is the moment that we cease to exist. Without dreams and aspirations, we have nothing to strive for, nothing to work towards.

It’s important to have big dreams and aspirations and to pursue them, no matter how ridiculous those around you think they are.

“Every idea, both good and bad will definitely have an opposition. The fact that someone mocks your ideas and dreams does not mean they are bad. Take note!”
Israelmore Ayivor

Even if your dream doesn’t turn out in the end or you realise along the way that it was perhaps a bit silly, at least you dared to dream and don’t ever let anyone take away your ability to dream big. If a little girl told you that she dreams of being the world’s greatest prima ballerina, would you tell her that the chances of her dream coming true were so small it wasn’t even worth trying? No, you would encourage her dream, tell her what a beautiful ballerina she would make and so on, even. Why is it then, that when teenagers or adults dare to dream big, those around them offer a certain amount of opposition to that dream?

My big dream (besides the health and happiness of my family of course) is to perhaps one day be a published author. I don’t know if I will be self-published or what and I know it will probably be years in the making, if ever. However that doesn’t stop me from working my way towards my dream. I know that with each step I take with my writing, each small goal and tiny achievement brings me that little bit closer to achieving my big dream.

One of my dreams has also been to see snow fall. You see, it doesn’t snow where I live or where I grew up and while I have seen snow a few times before, it was always after the snow had fallen and had already formed a white blanket over the ground. Even when I visited Budapest in the middle of winter, it was the only Christmas in fifty-something years that it didn’t snow heavily (just my luck!) My children also have never seen snow in real life, snow is something they associate with “daddy’s country” but today we got a real treat. Apparently a “cold blast” from the Antarctic is making it’s way across Australia, so a couple of hours drive up the mountains near my house were predicted to have snow-fall. So out came the thickest winter jackets we own and up the mountains we went. It wasn’t enough to blanket the ground quite yet, but we actually saw snow falling from the sky!! I know that to many people this is not a big deal, but there’s something about seeing snow fall for the first time that turns people of any age to skipping, over-excited four-year-olds!

My two oldest kiddies catching snow flakes. Photo copyright Katherine A. Kovacs -The Writer Within 2015
My two oldest kiddies catching snow flakes. Photo copyright Katherine A. Kovacs -The Writer Within 2015

So with one dream achieved today, here’s to working towards the others!

Stay warm and enjoy,


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