Sunrise, Sunset

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Hello Lovelies,

There’s two reasons for the title of this week’s post, one is discussing the meaning of the song of the same title from, “Fiddler on the Roof” and the other is discussing the quite literal meaning of the two words.

I’ll start with the reflection. This past week I’ve been working at my day job quite a bit and I have returned to a school I haven’t been at for quite some time. As a result, I’ve come across quite a number of students, that I taught in the past, and their parents. This particular group of students I taught in years two and four but I knew many of them since they were in kindergarten. Now they are practically adults at the age of sixteen and are in year ten!

In the song “Sunrise, Sunset”, the two main characters are singing about how grown up their children have become and wondering when on earth that happened. With my daughter turning nine last month and now coming across students I met more than ten years ago who are now practically adults, it is definitely reminding me that I too, have gotten older and wrinklier (and fatter!)

I’m not the young twenty-something I once was. Sometimes I think back and long for those days again, less stress, less worries, but less everything I suppose. Then I look back and think that at the time, I wasn’t as stress and worry-free as I should have been. My worries back then were nothing compared to the worries I have now, but at the time, they seemed enormous, so I guess my ability to cope has increased.

Also, back then I didn’t have my children and no matter how much they frustrate and annoy me at times, I couldn’t imagine life without them. I also wasn’t writing back then, I was a lost girl looking for my path and every day I am thankful to have found it.

Now moving on to the more literal meaning of the words in today’s title. Which do you prefer, sunrise or sunset?

I am definitely a sunset person.

There’s a few reasons I say this without hesitation. Firstly, I’ve said before that I am a night person and definitely not a morning person. Even those students I just spoke of before who are now sixteen year-olds, knew back when they were in year four, to only talk to me when necessary when they first came into class. My husband and I are both not morning people and we can get up in the morning and drive him half an hour to work without saying a word until he’s getting out the car. Nothing frustrates me more in the morning, than a disgustingly happy morning person who’s all smiles and cheery voice. Unfortunately my dad is one of those, fortunately though, I don’t live at home anymore!

Another reason I am a sunset person is this: no matter how crappy of a day I’ve had, the setting sun reminds me that it’s over and the calmness of the night will return. Then we have time to re-energize and gather ourselves to be ready to face another day, whatever it might bring… not before 9 a.m. though, preferably.

Sunrise brings daylight, and in the daylight there’s no escape from reality. Personally, I think reality is overrated and revel in the opportunity to escape whenever I can. Sunset brings the promise of night, when you can take a step back from the real world, even for just a while.

Sunset also means it’s nearly bedtime for my three kids and even though I just said that I couldn’t imagine life without them, sometimes we all just need a bit of quiet time or even simply the chance to use the bathroom without being interrupted!


  1. I’m getting older and so is everyone else around me.                                                               And;
  2. I’m definitely a sunset person, sunset brings the promise of night, the end to what might have been a crappy day, with a hint of mystery and escapism.  Then, of course, the chance to get a little reading and writing done!


Bring on the night!



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