Inspired by Actual Events

Hello lovelies,

This week I am still at a loss as I wait for my computer to be fixed. You see my husband is a total computer nerd, but in an, “I also like body building” kind of way. So he looks good while fixing computers and playing PC games 😉
So the good news is, he can totally fix my laptop AND save my data, but the down side is him being able to find time to fix it for me. So until then, I’m limited to using the WordPress app on my phone.

I guess this has sort of been a blessing in disguise, as I found some short stories I wrote on the MS Office app on my phone.

After a little editing (on a much smaller screen, mind you), I’m ready to share one of these short stories with you all. This story was inspired by actual events, but of course, is still a work of fiction.


New Friends…

I pulled up next to the obnoxiously orange ford ute at the traffic lights and waved excitedly at the male occupant.

He waved back, looking a little confused, but as I began to wind down my window, he followed suit.

“Oh my gosh! Fancy seeing you here! Small world hey?! It’s so nice to see you again so soon.” I said with over-the-top excitement in my voice, my hands flapping around excitedly.

“Um yea… Fancy that hey..” He replied with uncertainty.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” I said in mock shock.

“No, I’m sorry I don’t.” He said with an apologetic shrug.

“Well I suppose I can forgive you.” I said with a silly girly giggle. “After all we only met for a moment, but I certainly remember you.” I said with a wink.

He looked at me questioningly, so I continued to enlighten him about our previous chance meeting.
“You’re the asshole that aggressively overtook me for doing the speed limit, barely missing the front of my car.” I said, still with a ridiculously sweet smile on my face. “And now we meet again, just seconds later at the next set of lights! Definitely a small world!”

I loved it when the dawn of realization formed on his face, as he suddenly figured out what was going on.

“Oh, green light!” I said as I waved and quickly pulled away from the intersection. I couldn’t help but laugh at leaving him behind looking utterly stupefied and embarrassed as I watched him struggle with the car’s gears in my rear view mirror.

Moral of the story: Driving like an asshole doesn’t get you very far, on the road or in life.



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