Don’t Wait for Claps

clap flickr Igor R
Image courtesy of Flickr CC user Igor R.

Hello Lovelies,

I’m still struggling to find my way lately. Struggling to find the motivation and procrastinating as much as humanly possible.

There’s a saying that my husband has, that has been playing over in my mind lately,

“Don’t wait for claps.”

– The Husband

Sometimes we need external motivators to get things done or we wait to do things because it is “too hard” and we think we need help. The truth is though, we are sitting there waiting for claps, for our own personal cheer squad to build us up and bring us home, to go the hard yards for us or at least hold our hand along the way.

Not everyone has their own personal cheer squad though, not everyone has someone there to hold their hand and handle the tough stuff for them. If you do, then that’s awesome, good for you, but it’s not necessary to success.

Be your own bloody cheer squad, don’t wait for claps!

When you go out on your morning run (or do your two minutes on the treadmill) and are spurred on by the clapping sound resonating around you, don’t be disheartened when you realise it’s your own thighs clapping together. No, don’t get down on yourself, own it! Your own body is cheering you on!

When you’re trying to work through a spot of writer’s block and you hear a slow clap begin and starting to build momentum, making you think you’re finally getting somewhere. Don’t feel let down when you realise it’s just your pen tapping rhythmically on the desk. No, let it spur you into action, because that’s you, cheering yourself on to keep going, to keep pushing through.

You don’t need your own personal cheer squad, you don’t need somewhere there to hold your hand and take care of the “hard stuff”.

Sure it would be nice, but you don’t NEED it.

Don’t wait for claps, because YOU’VE got this!




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