Stormy Nights and Rainy Days

storm flickr cc Dick Sijtsma
Image courtesy of Flickr CC user Dick Sijtsma

Hello Lovelies,

I am again appreciating another bout of rain and mild storms brings some relief to the heat. It may have only been around 32 degrees Celsius or so, but in a small apartment with five people living together, it does get a little suffocating at times, even without the heat.

I do like a good storm, watching Mother Nature lashing the ground with rain, the sound of thunder rumbling in the distance (or closer) and the sudden flash of lightning crossing a cloud darkened sky.

Endless days of rain or rain when you have to head out somewhere or something can be annoying, I’ll admit, not to mention flash flooding and other sorts of natural disasters this type of weather can bring. Yet most of the time I enjoy this kind of weather and love going for walks in the rain, marveling at the beauty created and the creatures that come out of their hiding places, also enjoying the weather.

It is also my favourite time to write, something about stormy and rainy weather calms me and inspires me and I will often reach for one of my notebooks (you can never have too many notebooks) to jot down a few words or even pages of words as I let the inspiration flow through me.

Yes, there is definitely something about stormy nights and rainy days that gets me into a writing mood. It gets me thinking, planning and creating. I don’t know what it is but I’ll take inspiration any way it comes, whether that be in the shower, when I’m doing the dishes, trying to sleep or during a storm. You don’t always need to be inspired to write, but when the inspiration does come it makes writing so much easier, the words flow and the story, characters and ideas seems to come from out of nowhere.

I still have around 6,000 words to write for this month’s quota, hopefully this stormy weather sticks around for a bit longer, it will definitely make things easier. You see, I’ve been struggling to make progress on chapter 22 in An Anguished Heart, I know exactly where the plot is heading (for a bit of a huge plot twist actually!) but I was having trouble trying to figure out how to get there, it was like a setting, a location was missing. That’s when it hit me, it was a location that should have been introduced earlier, with another section of plot I had left out between chapters 16 and 17. Now I am in the progress of filling in this gap so I am able to move forward with the story.

For now though, here’s a few words inspired by the current weather conditions.



Stormy Nights and Rainy Days

Stormy nights and rainy days

This is where I choose to stay

A blackened sky filled with clouds

And the thunder cracking, rumbling loud 

The rain is falling from the sky

The lightning striking low then high

This wild weather calms me so

Why this is, I just don’t know

Perhaps it’s the rhythm of the rain

Beating on the window pane

What it is doesn’t matter to me

Because stormy nights and rainy days is where I want to be

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