Meet Me Halfway

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry about the delay with this week’s post, but I was having a few technical difficulties thanks to an uninvited Windows update, but now I’m back online I have a few exciting things to share!

I did it! Not only have I met this month’s word-count goal, but I am also halfway through the first draft of An Anguished Heart. In fact, with a final goal of around 80,000 words, I am actually a little over halfway with a current word-count of 46, 549! I’m not sure whether the story will be finished once I reach the 80,000 word mark, with the way things are going it looks like An Anguished Heart  is actually going to be longer than 80, 000 words, but as far as goals go, I’m totally kicking ass!

I usually do most of my writing at night, when everyone is asleep and I am be alone with my thoughts and my characters. This usually results in me heading to bed around 3 a.m. and being so wired from the excitement of making my characters come to life (outside of my own head!) that I can’t sleep until almost 4 a.m. This is fine while I’m here in Budapest and not having to get up later that morning and drag myself to work, but what about when we are back home and back in the real world?  I think there’s going to have to be some sort of compromise, unless someone wants to give me a well-paid publishing contract and pay me to write before I even have a finished manuscript.

It’s not easy to be a writer when holding down a day job and raising a family, but it’s not impossible and I’m determined to keep chasing my dream. Whether that chase leads to self-publishing or following a more traditional road to publishing, I’m not quite sure yet, but I am determined to keep writing, to tell my characters stories and perhaps one day others will enjoy their stories as much as I have enjoyed telling them.

So come on world! Meet me halfway and help me keep chasing my dream to one day make writing my day job!



Here’s a little sneak peek from the latest chapter I’ve been working on in the first draft of An Anguished Heart:

 “So… How’s he doing?” Anna asks, as I slump onto the bed.

“Better than he will be in the morning with the thumping headache he’s going to have.” I say, feeling a little sorry for him.

“I overheard a little of what you were saying, sorry but I couldn’t help but hear.” I shrugged, not caring whether Anna heard every word of what Dani and I spoke about, we had no secrets between us.

“Do you really think your father could get him assigned to an office position and keep him away from the front lines?” She asked sounding hopeful.

“Honestly, I have no idea, all we can do is hope.”


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