Through Their Eyes

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Hello Lovelies,

As I dexterously inserted the entire pack of PEZ into the R2D2 dispenser on the first try, my five year old son exclaimed, “Wow, that was amazing!”

“Was it?” I replied, unbelieving. Sure, I had just placed the PEZ into the dispenser without dropping any, but I wouldn’t really have thought it was particularly “amazing”.

“Yes!” He exclaimed again, clapping his hands excitedly, “It wasn’t just great, it was AAAMAAAZING!” He said again, with further emphasis on the word ‘amazing’.

It was then that I began to see myself through the eyes of my children.

Being a parent isn’t easy. You are constantly questioning yourself, hoping that you’re doing what is best for your children. As a parent, you will experience some of the most difficult days of your life (and I’m talking about after giving birth), there will be days when you try to function on just a couple of hours sleep, there will be days when your kids will drive you so batshit-crazy that you’ll even begin to question why you chose to have children in the first place. Then there will be days when your heart will ache, when they are sick or hurt, afraid or upset, and all you want to do is wrap them in your arms and protect them.

Then there will be days like the one I had today, when the seemingly insignificant task of filling a PEZ dispenser without incident, will turn you into an instant hero in their eyes.

Through their eyes, you are their hero – most of the time anyway. You are the one who can magically make food appear in front of them, the one who can change them into their pyjamas, whisk them away into their beds and tuck them in – all without waking them up. You are the one who makes the hurt go away when they are sad, sick or injured, the one who comforts them when they need it, the one who can make them laugh and the one who can make the “tickle-bug” go away when they’ve had enough.

Even on the most difficult days of being a parent, your child will say things like, “You’re so beautiful mummy.” And they will mean it, with all their heart. It doesn’t matter that you haven’t showered or even brushed your hair, because in their eyes you are just that, you are beautiful, perhaps even a little magical.

My favourite is when one of my own tells me that I’m a great ‘cooker’, unfortunately it’s usually when I have prepared the simplest meal imaginable and not when I’ve slaved over the stove for hours, but it’s still nice to hear.

Of course this childs’ view of their parents is subject to change without notice, particularly in the dreaded ‘teenage years’, or so I’ve been told. Until then though (and even after that), I will continue to strive to be the best parent I can.

Even when I think I’m simply doing the day to day things any mother would do, through their eyes I am a PEZ dispenser filling Wonder Woman  and that is what gets me out of bed every morning….

And the fact that they’re whinging for breakfast…

So carry on parenting my fellow PEZ dispenser filling super heroes!

And enjoy it while it lasts!

– KK


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