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Hello Lovelies,

After considering it for quite some time, I’ve decided to finally take the leap and start my own freelance writing business, with a difference.

Whilst I will be offering a range of services aimed at businesses, what I am most excited about is the services for individuals I will be offering.

I’ve always loved the idea of the gift of words, that is, giving words as a gift. Perhaps in the form of a meaningful message in a handmade card for a birthday, wedding, engagement or anniversary. Maybe the gift of words will take the form of a detailed story to celebrate a special someone, a story of their life or perhaps in the form of a personalised children’s story. This is why I decided to offer a range of gift ideas as part of the services offered by Creative Freedom Freelance Writing Services.

For my grandmother’s 80th birthday, I wrote and made a scrapbook detailing her life from her birth up until her 80th birthday, a sort of “This is you life” book celebrating her life and accomplishments while she was definitely still with us to celebrate. My relatives loved the idea and friends thought it was such a great present that they wished they could do something like that. Well with Creative Freedom Freelance that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do, because, “we will write it for you!”

My daughter loves to create stories and enjoys telling her two younger brothers bedtime stories. However, she doesn’t really like the actual writing of the stories, she finds it a bit of a struggle to get her idea into words and often we will write the stories together and she will illustrate them (she adores drawing pictures). In my teaching career I have found that is often the case, many children enjoy creating stories and using their imaginations but most of all they love being the illustrator. So I thought, why not give children that opportunity? The opportunity to be the illustrator for the story of their own imaginings or to illustrate a personalised story of all their favourite things given as a gift.

I’m not sure if my explanations here are making sense, but my point is this: I want to be able to provide the opportunity  for everyone to be able to give the gift of words.

Words are a powerful, they can make you laugh, make you cry, they can lift you up when you need it, they can convey love, excitement, happiness and every other emotion you can fathom, they can remind us of who we love and of what is important. Words have the ability to transport you to worlds far away, worlds even beyond your imagination. Yes, words are powerful indeed and giving the gift of words is perhaps even more so. Written words though, have staying power, they last  much longer than spoken words. Written words can be read and cherished and reread for as long as the owner possesses them. They are there as a constant reminder of love, life, happiness and appreciation.

So if you would like to give the gift of words, feel free to contact Creative Freedom Freelance Writing Services through the blog by clicking here, on Facebook by clicking here, on Twitter (@Creativ_Freedom) or by emailing creativefreedomfreelance@hotmail.com

The website and blog is currently under construction and more content will be added soon, however if you have a specific question or request please don’t hesitate to contact us.




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