Towards the Future

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome to 2016!

So far this year is proving better than the last for me. For starters, I finished reading Grey, thank goodness! I actually spent New Years Eve (Szilveszter in Hungarian) alternating between looking out the window at the sporadic fireworks displays from various locations across the Danube River, stuffing chips and Coca Cola in my face to stay awake and reading Grey. My thoughts of Grey haven’t changed from last week’s post, however, I am now slightly more disturbed by Christian Grey’s stalker tactics and I’m so glad that it’s over.

So with mediocre literature out of the way, it’s time to look towards the future and focus on what I would like to accomplish in the year ahead!

This year I am determined to only look towards the future, not dwell on past events and focus on my family and my writing. Having already started writing József’s story, I would really like to finish at least the first draft whilst we are still in Hungary. I want to be immersed in the surroundings of the story as much as I can, with the culture, history and setting right on my doorstep -literally. I’m not sure whether this story will be a novella or a novel, my aim is simply to write the first draft and decide later what it is.

I am hoping that 2016 will be the year that I actually finish a first draft and perhaps even get into editing and some beta readers. I want 2016 the year that I further develop my writing skills, the year that I explore, create and redefine my characters and their stories, the year that I am able to immerse myself and further embrace and explore the writer within. The only way I can do that though is to actually write, to practice the craft of writing, every day. Any of you who regularly read my posts will know what a terrible procrastinator I am. Having finally completed enough units to graduate with a post-graduate degree in Education, I have been known to leave my assignments to the very last minute, writing 20,000 words in just a matter of hours, including research and somehow still manage to get a good grade. From these actions of my own, I am clearly capable of spewing out a significant word count in a short amount of time, however it is my tendency to procrastinate and the lack of an external deadline that often prevents me from doing so in my own creative writing.

What I really need, is someone to set a deadline for me. I’ve tried the self-imposed deadlines and it doesn’t work, my inner procrastinator gets the better of me and I end up promising myself that I’ll catch up next week or next month and I never do! So this is the plan I propose, I have a good friend who I’ve spoken about before, she has always encouraged me to embrace my creativity and was the first person I sent excerpts of my writing to, she is one of my greatest supporters. She doesn’t know this yet, but she is going to be the one to enforce the deadline. With constant nagging (I’m sure she’ll be good at it), “friendly” reminders and consequences for not reaching my monthly word count goals. I hope she’s up to the challenge, she knows only too well how much of an accomplished procrastinator I am!

I’m not going to call it a resolution or a plan, but rather my intentions for 2016:

  • Focus on the future – don’t dwell on the past, it can’t be changed, it won’t help me move forward. Keep my eyes on the road ahead of me, towards the future.
  • Practice my craft- kick procrastination in the butt, with some help from a friend and write as often as possible, hopefully leading me to finally…
  • Finish a first draft!





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2 thoughts on “Towards the Future

  1. Dear kath like it or not please keep your new years resolution were all waiting for the written wedding as well as sams seans and nickys love grand ma xxxxxx On 04/01/2016 2:36 AM, “The Writer Within” wrote:

    > kathk1984 posted: “Hello Lovelies, Welcome to 2016! So far this year is > proving better than the last for me. For starters, I finished > reading Grey, thank goodness! I actually spent New Years Eve > (Szilveszter in Hungarian) alternating between looking out the window at > the “


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