Gift from the Heart

Hello Lovelies,

Today I write this post in honour of a very special woman. I’ve written about her a number of times on my blog (click here to read a post) and if you look at the comments on some of my posts, you’ll see this wonderful woman is also my number one commenter. The woman I’m talking about is my grandmother, who is turning 81 today!

Those of you who follow my blog, will know that while I am from Sydney, Australia, I am currently living in Budapest, Hungary. That means, that unfortunately I am not with my grandmother on her birthday today (or my grandfather’s last Sunday). However, that doesn’t stop  me from wishing them both a happy birthday and giving them a special mention in today’s post.

Another exciting thing happened this week, perhaps more exciting than my grandmother’s birthday (sorry Grandma!) I finished the first draft of the first chapter of my current WIP!

While I have a brief outline of this book in my mind, it took me a while to figure out where I needed to start this book exactly. After several attempts at a first chapter and several pushes of the delete button, I think I have finally figured out where I need to start.

You see, I have known for quite a while the kind of man József is. What I needed to know, were the events of his childhood and adolescence that formed the man that I know and decide which of these were important for the audience in the telling of József’s story.

After exploring this, I have decided to start with József as a sixteen year old living in Budapest and helping with his parents’ business. József is the sort of teenager that often finds himself in trouble, most of the time though, it is the trouble that finds him and not the other way around. József may have been raised to be a respectful and well-mannered Jewish boy, but being a sixteen year old, he often finds himself in some sticky an awkward situations. One of these situations occurs when József is with his friends and they are showing off their knowledge (or lack of) women. It is at this point that the object of his affections just so happens to be walking in front of him and overhears the conversation, leading to a very awkward moment and his crush giving him a piece of her mind.

So as a special treat, in honour of my grandmother’s birthday, I would like to introduce you to Anna, the object of József’s affection and share with you a small excerpt of the altercation between Anna and József. First though I’d like to share with you a little more about Anna.

Anna is like no other girl József has met, she is Jewish, as he is, however there is something different about her. It may be that she grew up in a small town, rather than in the city. It might be her appearance, her chestnut brown hair and blue-green eyes so unlike any of the other Jewish girls he knows. Whatever it is, József is drawn to her, finding excuses to spend time with her, determined to get to know her better and hope that she feels the same way about him. József learns that what some might call “love at first sight” is not always a mutual feeling, sometimes that first meeting is awkward to say the least and the object of your affections thinks you’re a total ass.

So without further ado, read on below for a small sneak peek. Remember this is just a very rough first draft and there’s not guarantee it will be free from error or at all recognisable in the final product, I do hope you enjoy it though.

Enjoy and Happy 81st Birthday Grandma!


Our conversation then began to decline further into the gutter as we tried to impress and outdo each other in our somewhat less than gentlemanly discussion of the fairer sex. In particular, we were discussing the daughter of the newly arrived family, Anna and her many “attributes”. I had in fact had met Anna the previous evening, as my parents had invited her family over for supper. I was instantly drawn to her and found Anna to be not only beautiful, with her chestnut brown hair and blue-green eyes, but after talking to her for some time I found her to be caring and sincere and I enjoyed very much spending time with her. I wasn’t about to tell this to my friends though and instead tried to impress them by explaining how much I appreciated her “attributes” and how her hips would not only make for a good wife, but also give a husband something to hold onto, if they understood my implied meaning. The person in front of us, who I had not noticed until now, being too concerned with impressing my friends with my crude remarks, slowed down their pace coming to a stop and turned around to face us.

To my absolute embarrassment and horror, it was Anna her was looking directly at me, those blue-green eyes pierced with what was undoubtedly anger and perhaps humiliation.

“Szabó József, how dare you speak about me to your friends in that way! How dare you speak about any woman in that manner! Didn’t your father ever tell you that you should respect women?”

Before I could gather myself enough to give her a considerate reply or even some sort of an apology, Anna had stormed off in a flurry of navy skirts and chestnut brown hair.

My friends of course found this confrontation extremely hilarious, I myself was praying that Anna didn’t tell Apa and trying to think of how on earth I would ever get back into her good graces.



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3 thoughts on “Gift from the Heart

  1. Dear kath thank you for your birthday wishes and for introducing anna to us look forward to next post, loved the christmas lights, hug the kids for me love grand ma grand dad matt and holly xxxxxxx

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