Age Old Traditions

Hello Lovelies,

What an interesting week it has been. Not much progress in writing has happened unfortunately, but I have been busy learning about Hungarian traditions and both Jewish and Christian traditions in Hungary.

I’ve also been looking into the notion of interfaith marriages in the early 1900s and have discovered that although it was quite rare, marriages between Jews and Christians did occur during this time period in Europe. The reason I have looked into this, is of course research for my current WIP. You see, at first I thought József’s marriage was just your straight forward Jewish boy marries Jewish girl marriage. The more I thought about it though and of her physical appearance, I began to realise that things are never as straight forward or simple as they might seem and I speak from personal experience. My own marriage was not a simple boy meets girl, fall in love, get married kind of affair, it may have seemed like that for some people looking from the inside, but in actual fact, we had to fight for it, our love gave us the strength to fight, but we still had quite a battle.

In understanding the intricacies of the character’s backstory and the complexity of their relationship, I will be better able to understand what they think and feel and how they would react in the different situations they will find themselves in throughout the novel.

Before starting a new project, I always have a rough outline either in my mind or on paper. I always find, however, that as I explore the characters in more details, this plan will often change and develop in directions that I had not originally thought. Sometimes it’s a little frustrating, all the twists and turns, most of the time though I love that I get to know the story and the characters as I write and explore, it’s as though I’m reading a story, as opposed to writing it. I could have a guess at what will happen on the next page or in the next chapter, but I never really know for sure what is going to happen or the direction my characters will take me in, until it is written.

“Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”

E.L. Doctorow

Before I head off to further explore the backstory of my main characters, I’d just like to congratulate two of my cousins, who have recently become engaged! (to their respective partners not to each other, our family isn’t that close!) One of these newly engaged cousins is also the godmother to my children and in  way, is also the one responsible for me starting this blog almost two years ago. So congratulations to Samantha and her fiancé, Jarrad and to Sean and his fiancée, Lauren. Wishing you all every happiness for the future.

Also a special thanks to Samantha who inadvertently gave me the final push to start this blog. With now over 100 posts and over 130 followers, I feel humbled by all the love and support, from not only my family and friends but from the writing and blogging community that I am able to connect with through the use of modern technology.



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