The Little Things

Hello Lovelies,

Even though 2015 has been a difficult one in our family, I’ve really learnt to appreciate the little things, those things that we usually take for granted or don’t stop to appreciate in the craziness of life. After everything that has happened and all the changes that have happened this year, it’s the little things that make me happy.

I am not American and have never celebrated Thanksgiving, but I do know that Thanksgiving is coming up this week. So I guess it’s the perfect time to acknowledge all the little things that I appreciate like the sunny autumn weather we have been having, when we can take the children out to the playground before it’s too cold.

When moving from a house you have lived in for 6 years to another country and an apartment that is apparently furnished, you also start to appreciate the little things like a dish rack. Yes, you did read it correctly, a dish rack. You see, in our own house we have had a dishwasher for the last 3 years, a great convenience for a family of 5. However, since we arrived in Budapest, both of the apartments did not have a dishwasher, which is completely understandable, but they also did not have a dish rack, so every time I did the dishes I would strategically be trying to balance all the plates and things on the draining board in a way that would hopefully allow them to (mostly) dry, but also so they didn’t fly off and onto the floor. On Friday however, my MIL came to visit and when she walked in the door, she was holding a brand new dish rack just for me! I stupidly couldn’t wait to do the dishes and try it out (the novelty wore off quickly though).

At this point, you might be saying something like, “first world problems” and rolling your eyes. I get that, I know it didn’t need the dish rack, there are people in this world who need a lot more things than a dish rack, people without running water, without homes, without peace living in war-torn countries. The point I’m trying to make is this: appreciate what you have, no matter how little or how much it is. Appreciate the little things that make your life a little easier. Take notice of the little things that make you happy, the things that bring your family together. Find something to be thankful for in each and every day no matter how bad of a day it’s been.

There are so many crazy and terrible things happening in this world, that it’s important to recognise and appreciate the little things that make us smile, make life easier or more convenient so we are able to spend more time with those we love and care about.

My message to you all is this, take a little time each day to appreciate the little things, even if it is just a dish rack or some sunny weather, because who knows how long we will be able to enjoy these things for. Live for today and appreciate the little things while you still have them and to remember those who don’t.

Today I am thankful that I am able to do some writing, that although the weather is cloudy and cold, my husband was able to take the youngest out the the playground whilst the other two (and myself of course) enjoy some quiet time. Those are the little things I am thankful for.

Live for today and appreciate the little things!




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4 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Dear kath and zoli so your adventure goes on, great family time for the kids its funny I always thought of sean sarah and becky as the kids until your little family arrived, enjoying your journey through the photos carry on enjoying the little things my kath hug the kids for me love grand ma grand dad matt and holly xxxxxxxx


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