The Story Never Really Ends

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

Frank Herbert

Hello Lovelies,

This week has been one of reflection as I contemplate the intricate details of József’s story and how they will impact on Rose and Thomas’ story in the rest of the series I have planned.

I came across the quote at the top of the post when I was searching for inspiration to describe my thoughts over this past week. I began to reflect upon where I started with the “Heart Series” (what I am currently using to refer the series of novels), the way the series has evolved into what is now four, possibly five books and where the story of these characters will end.

I started this series in the middle,without even realising, set in the 1930s.  As I’ve explored the characters and as the story has evolved I’ve discovered that there is much more to the story than I originally thought. After starting two separate novels in the series and now a third and moving back in time from the 1930s to the 1910s before the outbreak of WWI, I feel pretty confident that I have now finally started at the beginning of the story. However I am still not quite sure where this story will end. Every time  think I have it planned out in my mind, I realise that there is still more to tell.

So what I put forth, reflecting on the words of Frank Herbert, I begun to consider that the story perhaps never really ends, but as a writer we choose what parts of the story we share with our audience. Have you ever finished reading a book or series and wanted to know what happened next? I constantly have that feeling. I remember watching movies as a kid and how however “neat” the ending of the movie would be, I would still be incredibly cranky wanting to know what happened in the rest of the story.

So you see, the story never really ends, it just stops for the audience at the place the writer chooses. I think though, for the writer, the story will always continue, parts of the story that are perhaps only for the writer, the one who created the world and the characters. The story and its characters will forever be part of of the writer, firmly embedded in their imagination, the story continuing in their dreams and daydreams, because I don’t think you can ever really let go of the world you have created, even if you have moved on to a different world and different characters, each world and character you create as a writer will forever be a part of you.

So the story never really ends.



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