Message in a Bottle

Hello lovelies,

This past week has been one of reflection. My family and I went on a quick family holiday, which is a first for us believe it or not and while the kids (and the husband) are all exhausted from spending time at the beach, I find myself sitting on the balcony of the hotel apartment, my mind constantly working.

I find myself thinking about many things, but in particular I find myself thinking pondering the idea of what to write, if I were to send a message in a bottle. Would it be something profoundly profound that would end wars and put an end to all of the world’s problems? Would it be some type of life advice, a piece of wisdom I have picked up in my thirty years of life that would perhaps help someone else out there?

Image courtesy of Flickr CC Dasha Bondareva
Image courtesy of Flickr CC Dasha Bondareva

After thinking about this idea for a good hour or so whilst I sat on the balcony admiring the sunset as I peer past the edge of my laptop screen, this is what I’ve come up with…


Although, considering this on the flipside, if I were to receive a message in a bottle, this is definitely the one I would need to receive. Those who know me or have even read a few of my blog posts will know a little about the extremes I go to in order to procrastinate. I’m doing it now as I type, right now, this very minute, I am procrastinating from doing another Uni assignment that is due on Monday…

If Senior Manager of Procrastination was an actual job description, where the person employed in the position was expected to find ways to do everything except what they really should be, I would be a model employee with a team of interns eager to learn my ways, a Master and my young Padawan learners.

On another note, the history of messages in bottles is a long one. According to Wikipedia (not always the most reliable source, but still interesting nonetheless), the first recorded messages in bottles date back to around 310 BC! Even New World discoverer, Christopher Columbus utilised the trusty message in a bottle system when his ship entered a severe storm. Apparently Columbus threw a report of his discovery overboard along with a note asking it to be passed onto the Queen of Castille in case he didn’t make it back.

Also, who can forget the awesome song of the same name by The Police, even though the song was released before my time, like any other person with a brain I can appreciate the awesomely unique voice of Sting and the days when musicians could actually play instruments. Excuse me for a moment while I sing to myself…..

So, I’m back now.

If you were to receive a message in a bottle..

  • what would you hope for it to say? What is something you need to be told or reminded of?

If you were to send a message in a bottle…

  • what words of wisdom would you leave for the unsuspecting discoverer of the bottle?

Let me know on twittter @WriterWithin_KK or on facebook using the hashtag #messageinabottle or simply comment on today’s post. I’d love to hear what your ideal messages in bottles would be!

Now I leave you in the capable hands of Sting and The Police while you ponder your answer.



Video retrieved from youtube (C) 1979 A&M Records Ltd

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