Don’t Fence Me In

Hello Lovelies,

It’s been another hectic week and one that hasn’t allowed for me to get much writing done again. Luckily I more than met last month’s word-count goal.

At the beginning of the month, I was feeling pretty awesome about my writing because I achieved so much in such a short amount of time. It’s now the beginning of a new month and unfortunately I haven’t been able to get much writing done at all the last couple of weeks and I am really starting to miss it. I’m missing my characters, their world and I miss watching on as their story evolves.

I’m beginning to feel that a part of me is missing, that a fence is being put up keeping the two worlds separate. I still have quite a bit of uni work to get done this semester, but I really feel I need some time to spend with Thomas and Rose, I need to reach out and pull down the fence and scream at the world DON’T FENCE ME IN!

Photo courtesy of Charles Knowles Flickr CC
Photo courtesy of Charles Knowles Flickr CC

Now here’s a little piece of interesting information; according to Wikipedia, the song below was actually written in 1934 by a guy named Cole Porter who was asked to write a song for an unproduced film musical to be called Adios Amigos. Porter was paid $250 for the song, which was a reworking of poem by Robert Fletcher. Interestingly, the song didn’t actually get used until 1944 when Warner Bros used the song in the movie Hollywood Canteen. Since then, the song has been covered several times, including the version below by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters also in 1944.

For more info you can check out the Wikipedia page here.

Unfortunately, I’ve still got plenty of work to do for the uni semester, but like I’ve said before, I’ve nearly finished my Masters degree and I refuse to quit now. So it looks like I’ll have to squash in those moments of writing whenever I can and try and enjoy every minute of it.

Certainly the absence of writing has left me feeling a little ‘blah’ this week, when I write I feel as though I am me, all of me, not some version of myself that is acceptable at work or somewhere else. Through my characters and the worlds in which they inhabit, I am also able to explore and be myself, even for just a moment.

Writing or even reading for that matter, can sometimes act as a means of escape, but also it can pave the way to self-discovery and to embracing the person who you really are and who you want to be.

Before I began to take my writing more seriously, I always felt like something was missing, I felt as though I wasn’t completely me. Now that I have embraced the writer within and realised that writing was the part of me that was missing, I feel closed off and in a way, detached from the world when I go without writing for a length of time.

So, here’s to breaking down the fences that hold us in, here’s to writing and here’s to being me, embracing every aspect of what makes me who I am.

Wishing all my lovelies a very Happy Easter and hopefully I will have a little sneak peek of Lonely Hearts to share with you next week.

Photo courtesy of Chiarissima Flickr CC
Photo courtesy of Chiarissima Flickr CC



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