The First Date

Hello Lovelies,

This week I’ve managed to get a good amount of writing done, even though I have also been busy utilising another branch of creativity for a little project for my nephew-to-be.

With yesterday being Valentines Day, I decided to spend the latter part of the evening in the world of my characters, Thomas and Rose as they experienced the nervousness, excitement and brief awkward silences of their first date. Quickly I became completely immersed into their world, experiencing every feeling, every touch, hearing every word and sound and before I knew it I had written over 2000 words and it was after midnight!

I am far from finished detailing the events of Thomas and Rose’s first date, but I was quite impressed with myself for achieving so much in just one evening. As Thomas and Rose get to know each other better over dinner, I too am getting to know the both of them a little better. In a way, I think writing a novel is a little like a first date. You feel excitement and nervousness at the same time and as the story progresses you become more acquainted with your characters, getting to know everything there is to know about them.

I honestly cannot contain my excitement as Thomas and Rose’s story is beginning to truly take shape. Even in between writing paragraphs of this post, I have managed to write out almost another 800 words!

Even though I realise that this week’s post is a little on the short side, I now leave you with an excerpt from Thomas and Rose’s date as I go to experience the rest of it!



Image courtesy of Flickr CC user Chris Seward
Image courtesy of Flickr CC user Chris Seward

 As our waiter, Samuel left, Thomas’ gaze locked with mine again, “So, where were we? Oh yes you were going to tell me about how you came to work for József.”

After coming to the conclusion that there was no real way out of the question, I decided to tell him just the key points of that story, “Well I’ve always enjoyed sewing and designing and I did well at school with numbers and things, so my mother arranged for me to work for József in exchange for room and board and I’ve worked for József ever since.”

“I see,” he nods in understanding and for a moment I think that Thomas and is going to let the subject pass, “But that’s not the whole story though is it Rose?”

“What makes you say that?” I reply, trying to hide my shock in the realisation that he really does see the real me, just as I suspected the first time we met.

“I see you Rose, I see the darkness behind those beautiful blue-green eyes, I see you hiding behind your polite smiles and pleasantries. I see the pain that dwells inside of you, the loneliness that fills your heart; it’s something I’ve come to recognise well.”

In that moment I know it’s true, he sees me, all of me, perhaps even better than I see myself. I remember the look of pain that crossed his face earlier when Mr Simpson mentioned his parents and I realise that Thomas recognises darkness, pain and loneliness because he himself has experienced such things in his own life.

“The last thing I want to do is dampen our evening, but you don’t need to be afraid and alone anymore Rose. You don’t need to hide, you can trust me. I would never hurt you.”

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