In An Instant

Hello Lovelies,

My apologies for the lateness of today’s post, I have been very busy completing another piece of creative work and haven’t had much time for my current WIP, Lonely Heart’s. I can;t really give too much away about what I have been working on as it is a personal piece of work, as a gift for a family member, but I promise I will share with you a little more about it next week.

For today’s post I have again been thinking about time when something happens and in an instant our lives are changed forever. I guess in a way I’m building on last week’s post, but this time I am focusing on how actions and circumstances, other than our own, influence our lives.

Unless you live in a cave with no access to the modern world (not sure how you are reading my blog, if this is the case), you have heard about the sad passing of Australian cricketer, Phil Hughes. Now I am by far from a cricket fan, sure I’ve heard of Don Bradman and I may have played an extremely uncoordinated game or two of backyard cricket back in the day, but until I heard the sad news of the accident on the news, I’m sad to say I had no idea who Phil Hughes was. I understand that Phil was a great sportsman and cricketer, not only recognised within Australia, but all over the world. At the age of twenty he was compared to the great Don Bradman (the one I have heard of), he was in the prime of his career and in an instant all of that changed. Not only did Phil’s life sadly come to an end, but in an instant the lives of the bowler -Sean Abbott, Phil’s friends and family and the entire sporting community world were changed forever.

Today is Phil’s 26th birthday and sadly his family are mourning instead of celebrating. As I write this post, it is dark and raining outside, as if nature is trying to provide me with inspiration to write a literary description of the darkness and sadness that many are feeling. I am not going to try and find the right words to describe their pain and heartache, I am simply going to express my sympathy for all those who have been touched by the loss of Phil Hughes.

So on this stormy Sunday, let us remember Phillip Joel Hughes (30/11/88 – 27/11/14), son, brother, friend and teammate.

phil hughes


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