If Things Were Different

Hello Lovelies,

This week I’ve been thinking about the dynamics in Thomas and Rose’s relationship. The circumstances that brought them together and those that threaten to tear them about. If things were different, perhaps they would never have met. If the Wall St Crash never happened in 1929, if the recession now known as The Great Depression never happened, even if they never lost their parents at a young age or if they had never experienced darkness in their lives then perhaps I would be telling a very different story.

I’ve written before about choices that we make and how these choices change the direction our lives are taking, whether we realise it at the time or not. Yet what about those things in our lives that we cannot change, circumstances beyond our control? How do these things impact and change our lives? That is exactly what I am thinking about in relation to Thomas and Rose’s relationship; the kinds of things that have happened in their lives that has made them who they are, things that are beyond their control.

With Rose and Thomas, everything that has happened int heir lives and in the wider world has paved the way for them to meet. Rose can’t deny that she has feelings for Thomas, but thinks it better for both of them if she doesn’t act on those feelings. Thomas on the other hand, doesn’t always do what seems to be best for him and he is determined to be with Rose, with no one getting in his way, not even Rose herself.

So, what things in your own life, that have been beyond your control, have changed your path?



Susannah Place Museum. Image Retrieved from Flickr Creative Commons User Caz and Craig Makepeace
Susannah Place Museum. Image Retrieved from Flickr Creative Commons User Caz and Craig Makepeace

““Édesem, it looks like you have yourself a handsome young admirer.” József says with a smile as he leaves his office and comes back into the front of the shop. Even though I am quite sure he is right, I know that nothing serious could ever come of it. What would people say, a wealthy businessman with a poor tailor’s daughter? As if that wouldn’t be enough to gossip about, what if someone uncovered my secrets, my darkness? I don’t think I could stand the thought of my innermost secrets being splashed over the pages of some newspaper. “Rosie, don’t do this to yourself, don’t overthink things. You are a beautiful young lady and Mr Heath obviously has excellent taste, just see where things go without looking so closely.” József interrupts me from my thoughts and always knows when I am overthinking. Even though I would like to believe him, I know that nothing can really between Thomas and me.

“What would you like for lunch?” I say to József, hoping to distract him and at first it seems to be working.

“Some sandwiches will be fine Rosie and I know that you’re trying cause a distraction.” I knew he would be onto me, but I wave my hand dismissing his comment as if I have no idea what he is talking about and head outside and into our house which is directly next door to the shop.


As I busy myself by making some sandwiches for lunch, I begin wonder where Thomas will take me for dinner. It would probably be somewhere posh, so I really need to see if we have any material suitable for an evening dress. It’ll be a push for time, but I’m sure I could make something suitable in time. He’s awfully forward, just look at how he behaved earlier, perhaps he will kiss me, do I want him to? I think I do.

Flickr Creative Commons Copyright de sata1
Flickr Creative Commons Copyright de sata1

Am I seriously considering this? Although on the other-hand, I can’t just turn down an invitation from a man like Mr Heath. That would be rude and also could cause friction in József and Thomas’ business relationship.

Just one meal, just to be polite and I will thank him for a lovely evening and we will both go on with our lives –separately. But what if he wants to see me again? What if he wants more? Could I give him more? Should I?
What am I thinking? Why am I even considering this? Thomas and I are from two different worlds, it would be best for both of us to go our separate ways. One evening, which will be lovely, I’m sure – perfect even, but it cannot go further than that. I cannot help but feel as though I am throwing something of immense value away and as I catch my reflection in the window, I see my mother’s face looking back at me and as she does in those moments when I need her help or advice she spoke to me, “Rosie, some things are just meant to be.” What does she mean? That Thomas and I are meant to be or are we are meant to go our separate ways?”

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