Location, Location, Location!

Hello Lovelies,

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing The King and I at the Sydney Opera House. While it was a magnificent production and I thoroughly enjoyed it, it is not the topic of today’s post as yesterday I also had some time to explore some possible locations for Lonely Hearts. 

There’s something truly amazing in physically exploring the world of your characters it’s completely different to researching on the internet, walking where they may have walked, touching the sandstone they might have touched, entering the buildings they may have entered. I completely understand why Stephenie Meyer of the Twilight Series visited the town of Forks in Washington when writing the series, you are stepping into the world of your characters. The area I briefly explored was The Rocks in Sydney, an historic area of Sydney that was almost completely wiped out by the outbreak of the bubonic plague in the early 1900s, however there are still some amazing buildings and architecture that remain, providing a glimpse into the past.

Side Entrance of The Rocks Discovery Museum Image Retrieved from Flickr Creative Commons User Caz and Craig Makepeace

I was very excited when I came across a small museum in the The Rocks called The Rocks Discovery Museumnot only did the four permanent exhibits in the museum document the history of The Rocks from the Indigenous people to the present, it was also FREE to enter (although a gold coin donation is appreciated). The museum provided a valuable insight into the history of the area and gave me plenty of ideas for other things I need to research. I only wish I had more time yesterday to explore. I definitely need to plan another visit to the area, solely for the purpose of research and I would love to visit the Susannah Place Museum as I am thinking this might be a possible location for the home and shop of József.

Susannah Place Museum. Image Retrieved from Flickr Creative Commons User Caz and Craig Makepeace
Susannah Place Museum. Image Retrieved from Flickr Creative Commons User Caz and Craig Makepeace

On another topic, two fairly amusing things happened yesterday. Firstly, after thanking the lady who worked at the museum and explaining how useful the visit had been to my writing, she suddenly looked concerned and asked if I was someone that she should know, I smiled and shook my head, explaining to her that I was a frustrated (and unpublished) writer that is trying to make a conscious effort to stick to one WIP. Maybe one day I’ll be someone she should know, but fame and fortune is not why I’m doing this. Secondly, I witnessed first-hand a tourist taking a photo of himself and his female companion using the latest must-have selfie assistance tool –the selfie stick! Something which I then laughed about for the rest of the rest of the day and frankly I’m still laughing about it as I write this (if you haven’t heard of a selfie-stick click here to find out more).

I’m now off to research other places I would like to visit in Sydney and step into the world of my characters.

Until next week,


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