Shades of Darkness

Flikr Creative Commons -Kevin Dooley
Flikr Creative Commons -Kevin Dooley

Hello Lovelies,

This week I’ve been doing some more work on Lonely Hearts and thinking a lot about the darkness in Rose’s past. I didn’t know exactly what had happened in Rose’s past, but I knew that it was something that had caused her physical pain, but more significantly, something that caused her emotional pain and affects the way in which she relates to other people.

You see, Rose is sort of a wallflower and she does what she can to not draw attention to herself. She is polite, quiet and compliant. Her beauty is understated. Rose is very unconfident and spends most of the time with her head held low, trying to drive away any attention. She does not realise her own natural beauty, which is much more than just her physical appearance. Rose is well-read and well-educated, thanks to the efforts of her mother, she is compassionate, caring, warm and loving. Yet, Rose is also afraid. She is afraid of those who wish to cause her harm, afraid of those who are aware of her family situation, afraid of those she does not know and trust.

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”
Anne Frank

You see, there are different shades of emotional darkness, some shades are caused by loss, some are caused by abuse, some are caused from within. It is important to understand the shade of darkness within your character, without this understanding you are unable to understand how it would affect their lives and their interactions with those around them. In other words, by pinpointing your character’s shade of darkness, you will be better able to develop your character and understand their little quirks.

In regards to Rose’s shade of darkness, I believe I have pinpointed the source, now I am in the midst of understanding the exact ways in which this affects her and her interactions with others.

I’m about to share with you an excerpt from the prologue of Lonely Hearts, it does not reveal the shade of Rose’s darkness though, that’s a story for another time.



“Please, go away, leave me alone,” the fear and angst in her voice was clear, but her attackers were not. She knew she was having another painful nightmare, but she was unable to wake herself from it, she was trapped. She felt cold and alone, the physical pain caused by her attackers eventually healed but the emotional scars would never completely heal. They were hers to bear for all eternity, something which she would have to learn to live with.

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