Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Hello Lovelies,

Well you know how ideas and inspiration can come at some of the strangest or most unexpected of times, such as in some type of bathroom environment or when you should be sleeping? Well that happened to me this week, I was in the shower (of course) when it hit me, the reason I am still struggling with Heart’s Desire, even after changing the POV is because I have started Rose and Thomas’ story in the middle and I’m not entirely sure of what happened in the beginning!

Oh, the life of a frustrated writer! The more I thought about it the more it made sense, Rose and Thomas’ story is not one novel, but three it seems and I started their story with the second novel. After realising this, from my past experiences and my initial resistance to change (such as the time when I realised I started this WIP from the wrong POV) I’ve found it is best not to argue with my characters and have come to the conclusion that the only way to tell Rose and Thomas’ story is by starting at the very beginning. I don’t mean I’m going all the way back to their births (that’s going a bit too far), but back far enough in their story so I am able to understand the characters fully and the impact that their separate pasts have on their future together. As the story is told from Rose’s POV, I am going back to the time shortly before Rose met Thomas.

Copyright The Writer Within

So whilst I’m starting at the beginning, the first novel at this point is a series of scribbles in one of my writing journals, in no particular order, but in case you’re interested this is roughly where I’m at:

  • Rose and Thomas’ Story is a series of three novels with working titles of Lonely Hearts, Heart’s Desire and Heart’s Content.
Copyright The Writer Within
Copyright The Writer Within
  • Lonely Heart’s focuses on Rose’s story, beginning at the point in her life shortly before she has met Thomas.
  • We discover that Rose has an interesting past that was filled with sadness, loneliness and longing to belong.
  • Rose is not a brunette (as I thought she was), she now has honey blonde hair, that is slightly red in the sunlight, blue/green eyes and freckles. Her appearance is important in understanding the perceptions she has of herself.
  • Rose is the daughter of a single mother, her mother was cast out by her family upon discovering she was pregnant.
  • Rose’s mother was a well-educated woman that wanted the same for Rose.
  • There is much Rose doesn’t know and understand about her mother and her family, but many of her questions about her mother’s past will be answered in Lonely Hearts, this is where Thomas’ wealth and connections come in handy.
  • Heart’s Desire will focus on Thomas and Rose’s story as a newly married couple and their move to England (including paranormal encounters with Thomas’ late uncle)
  • Heart’s Content will focus on Thomas’ and Rose’s story with the birth of their daughter and the unrest in the country leading up to the Second World War.

As you can see there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, but I’m feeling quite excited at the direction that this WIP has taken. It just feels right and as I scribble down short pieces of dialogue and small excerpts of the story it’s all beginning to make sense, all these pieces are beginning to come together so I can start to see the big picture.

Copyright The Writer Within
Copyright The Writer Within

So now I leave you with a  few little pieces of writing that I’ve deciphered from my scribbles.



Yes, I have freckles, something which was always used as ammunition by those horrid boys. One day I cried to my mother, begging her to find some way to cover them up or better still, to rid me of them forever. She told me not to be daft, that freckles were something very special, “God’s Kisses” she had called them. She said they were there to remind me that no matter how bad things seemed, God would always be there for me and love me unconditionally -just as she did. She died three days later… I was fourteen

I’ve never given much thought to what it might be like to fall in love, but if I did, I imagine it could be something like this. This must be love because despite our faults, our weaknesses, the darkness in both of our pasts and everything and everyone seemingly against us, we’re still here together. Fighting for each other, fighting for us.

I can’t do this, I can’t keep trying to guess what you’re thinking or feeling. I just can’t do it Thomas! I don’t want to guess what mood you’re in and whether you are going to let near you or shut me out. You either let me in Thomas… Or let me go…

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

    1. Thanks for the feedback, it’s all random unorganised thoughts at the moment, but now I’ve started in the right spot this time, hopefully it will start to look like a story some day soon.


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