Let Your Feelings Show

Hello Lovelies,

This past week has been a little crazy with three sick kiddies in the house to look after. While this has given me little time to sit down and write, it has given me some time to think about things.

Children do not hide their true feelings, even before they learn to speak you can tell how they feel by looking at their eyes. There are no fake or polite smiles and when they smile, the smile touches their eyes. If they are sad, cranky, scared or shy, they will let you know.

So what happens in the time between childhood and adulthood that causes us to smile that fake smile? Why do so many of us hide our true feelings?

Granted that there are many things that are acceptable for children to do and not adults. For example if my children to skip in the shopping centre, it’s considered cute by many. Yet, if I were to do exactly the same thing, people would consider me to be a very strange woman and urge their own children to keep their distance.

Is that why we hide our feelings? From fear of being thought of as weird or strange, from fear of repercussion? Imagine if there was an “open feeling day” where we could all express our true thoughts and feelings without fear of repercussion, I think it would be quite liberating.

Whilst it might not be appropriate to let all of our feelings show in every moment, in every setting, it is important to ensure that you show those you care for how you feel.

Let us take our example from children. Before children fully understand displays of affection they will smile at you. The smile touches their eyes telling you that you that because of you, their world is brighter. Then without thinking about it, you smile back- a true smile.

I think the same goes for the characters we create, let their true feelings show so that we may truly see who they are. Without understanding how the characters think and feel, our readers will not be able to connect properly with them.

So here’s to not hiding feelings! But when your boss asks you tomorrow morning why you’re 1 minute late, you might want to hide your true feelings if you want to keep your job.
Just a thought.
Have a lovely week,

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