Revise, Rewrite, Reread v2.0

Hello Lovelies,
This week I’ve been doing a little work on my rewrite for Heart’s Desire. If you remember a couple of weeks back, Gwen Stephens of The 4 A.M. Writer prompted me to realise that yet another WIP was written from the wrong POV (if you haven’t read this post and would like to catch up you can read it here). Since this realisation I must admit I have been a little afraid to even look at it as the thought of starting again after investing so much time, effort and research into it, quite frankly scared the sh** out of me!
I decided to take a look at it on Wednesday night, I was still on a high from receiving an amazing grade in one of those assignments I was avoiding and the timing seemed right. If I could write a research report that was completely “half-arsed” and get a great grade, then I could surely rewrite a story from a different POV, where I already knew the plot, setting and characters so well. Should be no problem, right?

As I sat down and began to brainstorm in one of my new notebooks, I began to realise how naïve it was to think that way. At no point did I assume that changing the POV would be an easy task, but I did think that knowing my characters, plot and setting so well would work in my favour and make the monstrous task ahead that little bit easier. While I wasn’t completely wrong, it wasn’t as easy as I convinced myself it would be. As I began to scratch out some of the details and some dialogue, I realised that while I know my character of Thomas so very well, have only scratched the surface with getting to know Rose.

After brainstorming and digging a little deeper into Rose’s personality I am feeling quite positive at where she is taking me. Even though I started the story of Thomas and Rose from the wrong POV, I do not regret it for a minute as it allowed me to deeply explore the character of Thomas. I know how he sees himself, how he thinks and how he feels (the briefs moments when he allows me this insight). From this understanding I am now enjoying exploring Thomas through Rose’s eyes. Rose knows and understands things about Thomas that he doesn’t even know about himself.

While I have so much more to explore about Rose before I can really begin to rewrite Heart’s Desire, I am now actually looking forward to it. Rose understands the darkness of Thomas’ past, she understands before he actually tells her, now I look forward to discovering exactly why she understands. Perhaps it is something in her own past that allows her to understand the darkness she sees in his eyes, I’m not entirely sure yet but I look forward to getting to know and understand Rose, in the same way I understand Thomas.

I know that changing the POV and rewriting is going to take a while and I’m OK with that now. I think I have come to a point where I am no longer scared of this change and I look forward to getting to deeply know and understand my characters and in the long term I’m looking forward to telling Thomas and Rose’s story… the right way!

Now as a bonus for reading so much of my rambling, here is a little glimpse of Rose and just how well she knows Thomas, sometimes better than he knows himself.

His past is full of darkness, despair and heartache. I know this because I’ve seen it in his eyes. Every time he awakens from a dreadful dream, when his thoughts wander to the time before we met or when the icy words of his grandmother cut him to the core, that’s when I see it. But when those eyes look at me, the darkness drifts behind and all I see is hope, love and lust.

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