Resistance is Futile

Hello Lovelies,

In the cyber world of blogging I have the privilege of connecting with other writers, some published, some not, but each of them shares their thoughts, knowledge and talents for us to follow and appreciate. One such blogger I am really appreciating at the moment is Gwen Stephens of The 4 A.M. Writer. Gwen’s latest blog post Writing the Wrong Story really spoke to me,  in her post Gwen talks about a piece of writing she was working on a while back and the difficulty she was having in writing it. After much thought and time, Gwen realised that she was writing from the wrong point of view, she essentially was writing the wrong story.


While I have been in a similar situation to Gwen before, I didn’t resist the change as Gwen did at first, as it was fairly early on in the writing process. However, I now find myself in this situation yet again, some of you may remember my WIP telling the story of Thomas and Rose in the early 1930s. This story was being written from the POV of Thomas, a troubled man with a dark past, who is emotionally detached from the world until he meets Rose. In this paranormal historical romance fiction (it doesn’t fit into one genre), I’ve been struggling to tell Thomas’ story from his POV, without sounding like he loves talking about himself. The truth is Thomas doesn’t like to talk about himself at all and finds it difficult to express his feelings and emotions as he has emotionally detached himself from the world and others for so long. As a way of combatting this I began a journal for Thomas, as a way of expressing himself, his feelings and the darkness of his past. The journal would only be read by Rose, as it was her idea to keep the journal in the first place, as a way of dealing with his past, a sort of therapeutic tool I guess.

Even after making this change, the words have stopped flowing again. It’s been about 6 weeks since I have added anything to this WIP, each time I sit down to write I just reread the words on the screen without any idea of what comes next. I know where the story is heading and the major events and so on, but I don’t know how they get from one key event to the next. After reading Gwen’s blog and pondering about it over the last few days, I’ve now realised and accepted that while the story being told is Thomas’, it is Rose who is telling his story with the help of his journal. Others will often see us in a different light to what we see ourselves (thanks Jess), this is why I think it is an important change to make. By exploring the character of Thomas through the eyes of Rose, along with the insight of his journal, I believe (and hope) it will add more depth to the character, allowing the readers to connect with the story, creating a reality for these characters which the reader can relate to.

So as I set off to rewrite, I thank you Gwen, for helping me realise that I was writing the wrong story and whilst change can be scary sometimes change is necessary in order to move forward (and it’s not just writing I’m talking about).

Has there been times when you have realised that resistance is futile and that change is necessary in order to move forward?

Enjoy your week,


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4 thoughts on “Resistance is Futile

  1. I think it’s human nature for most to resist change, particularly when the change involves more work! But the work you’ve done in Thomas’s journal has not been for nothing. It’s helped you learn more about him, his complicated backstory, and how he thinks and feels — all important when developing a character! I’m glad my humble little post could be a catalyst for change. Best of luck as you continue on with your WIP.


    1. Thanks Gwen! I totally agree with you, whilst I now have a lot more work in front of me, I think it was necessary for me to start from Thomas’ POV because now I understand who he is and what has made him the person he is when he meets Rose. Thanks for your help!


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