The Sands of Time

No it’s not, it can’t be. If I just get rid of it no one will know. I can just pretend it never happened, can’t I?

Image Copyright Michael Himbeault
Image Copyright Michael Himbeault

Hello lovelies,
Well it’s happened. The day I have been dreading since the beginning of adulthood, the day almost every woman dreads. Although I wasn’t consciously aware that I was dreading it until it happened. The day when you find your first grey hair.

There I was, looking in the bathroom mirror, blow drying my hair after a shower. Playfully aiming the hairdryer at my 1-year-old every now and then and enjoying listening to his giggles. Then I spotted it, there on the right hand side, poking out of the side of my head, almost taunting me. A dreaded, thick, grey hair. Before even thinking I grabbed it and pulled the little bugger out, that’ll teach them, I thought to myself and if no one else sees it, then it doesn’t exist right? Then I remembered what Samantha from Sex and the City once said, “if you pull it out, two more will come to it’s funeral” or something along those lines. I tried to ignore it, after all it was just one small hair. How wrong I was, after a closer inspection I found at least 3 more of the evil little things. However, if I actually do my hair properly, they are cleverly hidden under the rest of my non-grey hair. Although I think a trip to the hairdresser is in order before my birthday!

Now please don’t form the misconception that I am some sort of vain person who puts her looks and appearance above all. This is not me at all, I’m the girl whose ideal weekend as a child was spent in shorts, a t-shirt and cap, riding my bike. I’m the girl who did a happy dance when my high school announced that we would be able to wear slacks during winter instead of a skirt and tights, should we wish to do so. I wore those slacks as long as I could within the year, until the threat of detention for being out of uniform loomed dangerously close. I’m the girl who had no idea how to put on makeup and “YouTubed” tutorials for the 3-4 times a year when I actually wear makeup.

I enjoy getting “dolled up” every now and again, but it’s not something I do every day. I go to work everyday without my “face on” and I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with that, plus if I accidentally sleep in I am able to get three children and myself ready in less than thirty minutes!

Even though I have established that I am not appearance obsessed, there’s something that screams, “old” to me when I find grey hairs. I think that the first grey hair stirs different emotions in women than it does for men. Perhaps I am only speaking for myself here, but over the last few years I have playfully made fun of my husband for the increasing amount of grey hairs that he has, he just shrugs it off, it doesn’t seem to bother him. For me however, I find one grey hair and instantly I think about getting rid of it and that I need to start making trips to the hairdresser more often to cover up this little problem. The first time I could sight of that dastardly grey hair, it reinforced that I was definitely getting any younger, in fact, I was getting older and one day I would be “old”.
Not so long ago I had the bragging rights of being the youngest person on staff, now I am the one who is becoming increasingly considered as the experienced one.

Now that I think about what I have accomplished in my life and my career and how far I have come, I guess I don’t mind getting older that much. With age comes understanding and experience and I don’t think I would trade my grey hairs to be the person I was 10 years ago. So I’m going to try and embrace this getting older thing and keep working towards achieving the things I want to achieve, as with each day I get older and with each new grey hair, I am getting closer to achieving these goals.

I’m still visiting the hairdresser ASAP though!

Enjoy your week,

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