A State of Mind

Hello Lovelies,

I realise I am a day early with this week’s post, as I normally write my new post each Sunday. However, this Sunday I will be busy partaking in Easter family festivities, including an Easter egg hunt for the kids and, of course, for the young at heart.

When thinking about a topic for this week’s post and realising it would be the middle of the school holidays if you’re in my neck of the woods, I came up with what I believe to be a most suitable topic for this post.

To start off, I began thinking about different ways you could define the word “holiday”. Is it getting away for the weekend or longer? Or is it something simpler like not having to get up for work (or school)?
If you consider a holiday to be some type of getaway, then in that case, I have not physically been on a holiday since December 2006. Yes it’s true, the last time I went on a “real” holiday, it was a honeymoon, prior to children!
Before you all start feeling too sorry for me, I would just like to point out, that between 2006 and now, I have been many places. In fact, I’ve been to places all over the world, I’ve visited the past, the present and the future.
Now you’re asking how can some silly woman who said she hasn’t been on a holiday for more than 7 years have done all of this? Well, you see, “holiday” as an escape or getaway, is just a state of mind.
My “holiday” is through experiencing the worlds of characters, not just of my own creation, but also the characters of other writers. Reading and writing to me is an escape, an adventure, a getaway, even some sort of holiday. The words of the writer, whether they are my own or from someone else, transport me to another world, where i experience the life of the characters and explore their world.

So, fellow writers, readers and adventurers, where have your travels taken you?


Enjoy your Easter weekend! xx

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