Genre- Lock it in Eddie

Hello lovelies,

Often when I tell people that I am a writer the first question is often asking me what style or genre I write.

For some writers, those questions are very simple to answer. Perhaps they are children’s writers or they write sci-fi, perhaps romance or even paranormal historic fiction. Yet, those types of questions, for me, are not as easily answered. You see, I cannot simply say that I write fiction, even though much of my writing is fiction. I cannot say I write romance, even though two of my WIP seem to be taking that path.

The truth is, I cannot lock myself into a genre, as my writing takes the path of my characters or whatever inspired me at the time. I have drafts of children’s fiction, poetry, music, lyrics, fiction and non-fiction. I do not choose where my inspiration comes from, but I do choose to embrace it. I do not choose the story my characters wish to tell me, but I do choose to follow them on their journey. I cannot ‘lock’ myself into a genre, the truth is I never really know what path my WIP is going to take, because you see,

Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.
– E. L. Doctorow

So, you see Eddie, I don’t need to phone a friend, I don’t need to ask the audience or any of that, because I won’t lock it in, I will not lock myself into a genre, even if it helps my audience to understand my writing, to decide whether my writing appeals to them. Published authors often have an intended audience, perhaps they are paid to produce several works in the one genre, but I am not a published author, I am just a mother, wife, teacher and (reasonably) young woman who is embracing the writer within. I have the freedom to explore whatever takes my fancy in my writing, without the pressure of possibly alienating my audience or disappointing my readers. I have followers on this blog and on my Facebook page and I am extremely humbled by the thought that my writing is enjoyed by others, not just friends of family, but also complete strangers from all over the world, that’s something truly amazing . I guess though I do not feel the pressure to lock myself into a genre as it is not the same as people who follow the works of a professional author because they enjoy reading a particular genre. Perhaps my followers enjoy certain aspects of my blog more than others, but at this stage of my journey, the pressure is not there. So for the time being I will write what pleases me, I will write what inspires me, I will write in the direction my characters take me.

And now, in complete contradiction of freedom to write what takes your fancy, I finish this post and head on over to write a 1500 word critical reflection of an education policy document.

Enjoy your week,

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