Words From the Heart

Hello lovelies,

I’ve realised that my writing has become more “romance” than I had anticipated. It’s not something I consciously planned but it definitely seems to be the direction my writing is taking and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, my characters are telling me their story, I am just the one writing it down. Some people may roll their eyes and think the world has enough love stories. Whilst there may be some truth in that, I believe even the same story can be told over and over again, the difference is the WAY it is told and the WAY the writer connects with its audience.
After seeing a writer friend’s status, expressing her concern that her ‘original’ idea, might not be as original as she initially thought, I have realised that throughout literary (and film) history, there are stories that have been told many times. Yet each time, if it is done well, the story is told differently, perhaps from a different perspective, reaching a different and new audience. Consider how many, “Cinderella” stories exist, some are well written and it is only when you look deeper that you realise what you just read was essentially a “Cinderella” story. In all seriousness, is anything truly original in this day and age?
I have been told that my WIP is slightly reminiscent of Downton Abbey. While I have never seen a single episode of this show and I have no idea what it is about or who the main characters are, it seems that the writer and the reader each have their own set of influences, whether we realise it or not. We cannot realistically expect our ideas to be 100% original and whether we realise it or not, our writing is influenced by something, someone, our experiences.
While the idea or concept may not be free from influence, the words we write are our own. These words come from the heart, even if your work is not of the romance genre. Every word you write is from the heart, the words on the page are pieces of you. Writing is a labor of love, if your words don’t come from the heart, then I honestly believe that they won’t be any good. If you don’t believe your words, how do you expect your reader to believe?

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at the typewriter and bleed.” Ernest Hemingway

“Fill your paper with the breathings of you heart.” William Wordsworth

While I admit I am relatively new to the world of writing and I am not an accomplished, published or professional writer, I do believe that if our words are from the heart, then they are our own. Words from the heart are not words of romance, but words that are ours, words that we use to tell the story of our characters. So it doesn’t matter if our idea is not 100% original, we cannot shut ourselves off from all the influences of the world. However, we can make sure our words are 100% our own, if they are words from the heart. So I say, fellow writers, write the story that’s inside of you, give your characters a voice with your words.

Happy Writing!

* I am in no way encouraging plagiarism in this post, I am merely acknowledging the influences that the world has on writing and creativity. Plagiarism is stealing and robbing someone of their words from the heart. The words must be your own, otherwise they are not from the heart.

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4 thoughts on “Words From the Heart

      1. Nope, not rambling at all. I write with a group of about 47 writers/role players and we are always discussing character development, and dynamics. I will link my friends to read your blog, since it touches on a popular subject to us all. ❤


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