When Inspiration Strikes

Hello lovelies,

This week I’ve been working on a couple of new projects and also uni semester has started unfortunately. With the start of two (or three if you count uni) new projects, I began to wonder should writing occur when inspiration strikes or should the writer continue writing whether they feel inspired or not? I guess what I am asking is, what comes first the inspiration or the writing?
I think that inspiration comes in many different ways. Sometimes our inspiration is obvious, like a light bulb moment when we get a very clear idea of a new piece of work and the writing seems to flow. Other times we have to search and keep writing and rewriting until the words fit.

Some days, inspiration finds us and it hits us in the face, yelling at us to take notice and to do something about it! That is what happened to me twice this week and as a result I have the beginning of a short story and also a rewrite of the Bruno Mars song, “Billionaire” about wanting to be a writer. The song rewrite was like the hit in the face I was just referring to, I was singing in the shower (I mean, c’mon who doesn’t?). When I came to the line, “a different city every night” I accidently sang, “a different story every night” and BOOM, that was the hit in the face resulting in myself rewriting half of the song in less than 2 minutes.

Other times, instead of inspiration finding me, I have to go digging for it. Sometimes I sit down and reread some of my previous work, other times I do some research, but what is important is that I do not only write when I feel inspired. Of course it is important to write when inspiration strikes, but it is not by any means the only time or way to write.

A good writer not only writes when they are inspired, but also when they are not. Inspiration will not always come knocking on your door, or hit you in the face commanding you to listen, sometimes you are the one who needs to search for it, to dig until it materialises. We should live to be inspired and be inspired to live. Read and write at every opportunity, not simply when inspiration strikes. Remember all writers have the weapons of reread, rewrite and review and if that doesn’t work there’s always a delete button. It doesn’t matter if what you write seems like complete rubbish, the point is that you’re writing, hold onto that and keep doing it every chance you get.

Be inspired to write and write to be inspired.

Enjoy your week,

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