The Journey Continues

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome to my second post.

I’d just like to take a moment to thank you for following me on my journey, as I embrace the writer within.

A question I have been thinking a lot about lately is, how do I know that I am a writer?

I enjoy reading immensely and becoming lost in a world other than my own, but when I am reading, it is not my words or my characters, I always have questions about the characters, I want to know their back story and I want to know what happens to these characters once the story ends. I become invested in the lives and world of characters where I am merely a bystander, a witness and I am not the one in control.

Writing is a way for me to express myself creatively. When I am the writer, I am the one in control. I know the characters, I know what happens after the story ends, I may not have it all written down, but I know what is going to happen in the lives of the characters, whether it is written down or not.

Some children have imaginary friends. I have characters being developed, in my head, sometimes in writing . If I were to openly tell people this, they would almost certainly think that I was a little bit crazy and suggest I seek professional help. Yet as a writer, these things happen often. In a way, character development is like imaginary friends for adults.

In the past I have written lyrics, music, short stories and poetry. Nothing is published, in fact, I haven’t really shared much of my writing. Even when I have written poetry as part of a Christmas gift, I often initial it “KK”, so people just assume that it is something from a Kris Kringle or Secret Santa, not making the connection to my initials.
This is something I am trying to change. As I embrace the writer within, my aim is to share a small piece of myself each week. It may be part of a story, poem, lyrics, music or even a sneak preview of the novel I’m working on.

So stay tuned lovely people and gain a sneak peek over the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading and wishing you all a very merry Christmas!


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